March 7, 2014

2014 Football Season Tickets Now On Sale!

HERE's my post from a week ago, trying to decide whether or not to buy season tickets for the 2014 football season.

Yesterday, I guess the verdict came out.  I hadn't seen it 'til this morning.  $181 for the cheapest tickets, faculty staff get a 20% discount.  That's $144.80 for our season ticket renewal.

For the chance to watch this shitty product on the field, against this dull schedule, in the dead heat of summer (five games played before October 5th), and missing the opportunity to send the message - loud and clear - that following up a 4-8 season with a 2-10 season is unacceptable...  Well, all I have to say is no.  No, I will not be buying season tickets.  Fuck no.

I was ready to go ahead and bite the bullet for $75 apiece.  I probably would have gone all the way up to $99, or even $110 to account for inflation or whatever.  But $145 is an insult.  It's an insult to my charitable nature.

You can piss on my head, Virginia Football, but don't try to tell me it's raining.

$145 might fly when we have a new coach, new administration overseeing football, and renewed hope.  But not right now.  Fuck no.

My apologies to a few specific Friends of Wahooze -- Tori, Rookie, Sparkle, the two Mikes, my bro, Adam, Pierce, Eric.  I probably should have called you guys or e-mailed or something, telling you that I'm bailing out.  But when I saw $144.80 this morning, it pissed me off to the point of taking action.

My only really meaningful mouthpiece is whether or not I'm going to buy tickets.  Well, that and this blog, I guess.  So I'm using my mouthpiece to say what I think is really important:

6-18 in Years Four and Five of a coach's tenure is UNACCEPTABLE.


  1. your a fairweather fan

  2. Nope, sorry. I'm as big a homer as can be, look at my previous posts if you like, but I ain't doubling what I paid per ticket. Sorry. I'd be hard pressed to do that if we were 10-2, and I love football, but can't. I have to agree with Kendall here, I'm afraid. Let me fix my vote.

  3. Hell yeah, Kendall. I'm so behind you in this decision that I'm not even sure how to express it. Being a fan is a reciprocal relationship, and with the way this administration is behaving about the team's performance this year, it doesn't look like they're planning on giving anything back to the fans anytime soon.

  4. Kendall, you didn't need to contact me. I already told you - $100 and maybe. I am completely in agreement here. We paid that much last year, when there were more home games, and we weren't coming off a 2-10 campaign. FUCK NO. I work hard for my money and I am sure as hell not giving it to an administration that thinks I should pay that much to watch a dumpster fire. I can go buy enough lighter fluid to actually light a dumpster on fire for a lot less money, and be more entertained.

  5. Seriously? I will try not offend any of my friends here, but UVA has got to have the dumbest athletic department decision makers in the country. 145 dollars for a 2-10 win team a home schedule outside of UCLA and UNC that has very little sizzle. Hey why not add a re-seating in again this year too. Everyone keeps talking about 144, but the reality is that it is 181, which is a joke. That comes to a little more than 30 dollars per win the past 2 seasons. you can go buy tickets off the street for 5 bucks a piece every game if you want. I am betting Anonymous posters with their head buried in the sand will be the only ones purchasing tickets this year,

    1. Athletic dept. decision-makers are pretty damn good at everything other than football. There's just a *MASSIVE* mental block when it comes to football. Somebody (Sullivan? The BOV?) needs to save us from ourselves. London fired, Jon Oliver fired, Littlepage asked to fall on his sword for giving his bulldog (Oliver) so much leash. It's sad, and frustrating, and yes, embarrassing. But not on my part, on THEIR part.

  6. I applaud the decision, and will not necessarily miss the 4 hour drive up 6-8 times this fall (though I will miss the tailgating!). More than anything, I'm disappointed with UVA.

  7. Hey bro I hate to hear those gut rinching numbers. I totally agree with you on not getting them. But hey we will tailgate it up at my wedding lmao.

  8. I fully support this decision. I hope more folks across the spectrum of UVA ticket buyers are making the same choice. A united message and a dip in revenues will get more attention, and hopefully, action. That said, I'm kinda worried that our administration simply doesn't see UVA as a football school.

    A lighter thought: Rookie, let's go tailgate in Kendall's driveway one home game this fall. We'll spice it up by not telling him which game, he'll just open his front door one Saturday morning and we'll be in lawn chair three PBRs deep. It'll be like stepping 13 years into his past.