March 17, 2014

I finally found it!

A media source NOT picking Michigan State to go to the Final Four!

Pete Thamel, (in their Tournament Preview piece):

It's hard to keep doubting Virginia. When the Cavaliers won the ACC, people pointed to the unbalanced schedule and their struggles early in the season. But after elbowing its way through the ACC tournament this weekend, UVa. looks every bit the part of a No. 1 seed.

The myth of the Cavaliers is that they are a rugged defensive team that struggles on offense. The reality is that they are the country's No. 28 offensive team on when adjusted for tempo. Redshirt sophomore wing Malcolm Brogdon (12.3 pgg) and senior sniper Joe Harris (11.6 ppg) lead a balanced attack. The perpetual motion of Virginia's offense, filled with a variety of screens, also wears out teams. And its offensive sets often end with clean looks toward the end of the shot clock, when teams get caught napping.

The low-scoring style may offer temptation to pick against the Cavaliers, as might their early loss to Green Bay and an 87-52 shellacking at Tennessee. However, Virginia's offense found itself during the ACC regular season and postseason, and only Florida and Wichita State have been more impressive since New Year's.

A healthy Michigan State has always loomed this season as a Final Four no-brainer, but the Cavaliers can beat the Spartans at their own sharp-elbowed game. Virginia will make it to Dallas.


  1. Skip Bayless also has us beating Michigan State. Uh...

  2. I kinda love being the 1 seed and a dog in our own bracket at the same time. Stay hungry, boys!