March 30, 2014

It's Only the Beginning

Fantastic piece from Matt Norlander at CBS Sports, a must-read for every Hoofan as we work through this weekend of mourning:

I particularly like this quote:
Few certainties exist in college sports, but this I'm comfortable in saying: Bennett is building something to last in Charlottesville. He doesn't do swift and pretty. His program projects reflect the way his teams play: slow, methodical, with purpose -- and without arrogance or presumption.

Meanwhile, Whitey Reid from the Daily Progress pretty much nails the roster overview for next season, here:

Of course, we'll go a little it more in-depth and slice the 200 minute pie, as we do annually here at Wahooze.  That's coming later.  But first, a few quick predictions:
  • Darion Atkins and Teven Jones both transfer out.
  • Bennett brings in a transfer from another program to sit out in 2014-15 and be ready to play in 2015-16.
  • Justin Anderson faces a tough test from Evan Nolte for the right to start at small forward next season, and Nolte wins the battle.
  • Devon Hall ends up being a revelation for us, and we end up going small a lot with Perrantes, Brogdon, Hall, Nolte/Anderson, and Gill on the floor together.
  • B.J. Stith plays more than anyone thinks he will.
  • Mike Tobey finally learns to play with aggression.
  • We'll lose at least one assistant coach this offseason.

Finally, two other good articles for your lazy Sunday afternoon...

Happy reading, Hoofans!  Work through the mourning; we're going to be okay.


  1. Two things:

    I really hope Darion stays. I know you hate his attitude, but he's probably the most capable person to slide into the Akil Mitchell, defense first athletic forward spot. I think Gill will be our best post player, but he strikes me more as a Mike Scott than an Akil Mitchell. Darion has to see there can be major minutes if he can hold off Wilkins, which as a senior he should be able to do.

    I think Ron Sanchez is the most likely to go as a darkhorse for the Wazzu opening. He was on Bennett's staff out there, and that's the most success that program has ever had. It's the kind of school where you can roll the dice on a guy like Sanchez, or like Tony Bennett.

  2. I'd prefer for Darion to stay and be a part of the team as a senior next season. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not a Darion hater, at all. (I do think his timing for when to bitch about playing time was a little bit fucked up, however.)

    I have learned to not put any amount of faith or expectations on Darion. When has he EVER shown himself capable of carrying any sort of meaningful load for this team?

    If he stays, anything he gives us next season has to be considered a bonus, I think. More likely, we go small/athletic a bit more often with JA/Nolte/Wilkins at the 4. And I'm perfectly comfortable with that.