March 29, 2014

I'm working on a post...

...ranking the top 10 seasons of Virginia sports since I really became an over-the-top Virginia die-hard in the early/mid 90s.

Specifically, I'm trying to decide where the 2013-14 season of Virginia Basketball fits in those rankings, without being a servant/slave to recency.  (I feel like it's #1, but I need to reflect on it a bit more.)

Here are the seasons I'm considering...

1994-95 (Elite Eight run with Junior Burrough)
2000-01 (Roger Mason, Travis Watson, etc.)
2006-07 (Sean Singletary & J.R. Reynolds)
2011-12 (Mike Scott)

1995 (UVA 33, FSU 28)
1998 (Aaron Brooks, Thomas Jones, Dex)
2002 (Tire Bowl win over West Virginia)
2007 (Chris Long)
2011 (Peach Bowl loss to Auburn)

2009 (CWS 5th place)
2011 (Danny Hultzen, CWS 3rd place)

2006 (Undefeated)
2011 (Unlikely National Championship)

It would really be helpful if you posted in the comments with any great seasons I missed or forgot, along with your thoughts on the seasons I listed above.  What are YOUR rankings?  Help me out, Wahooze Nation.


  1. MTenn '12-13 would also be one I'd include in there. I also think given the nature of visibility the f-ball and b-ball programs probably deserve a higher standing even if results are not as good as some of the other sports.

    Based on the overall accomplishments throughout the season I think this season is #1 even if the '95 Bball team made it further in the NCAAT. Didn't become a huge Hoo until '01-02 so my knowledge is too limited to really contribute beyond that.

  2. I know you aren't big on soccer (nor am I, really), but I became a UVA fan around the same time as you and this was balls deep during our dominance run with Bruce Arena and Claudio Reyna from '89-'95. Also the 2009 championship run was run. Might be hard to add soccer from a non-soccer fan perspective, but for UVA sports seasons, one needs to be represented at least.

    1. Nope. No soccer.

      No tennis, either.

      Sorry if that was rude or whatever. I'll only include sports I actually actively care about. But maybe I can swing an "Honorable Mention" section or something?


    2. How about swimming and diving? Track and field? Women's sports? Club sports? Engineering competitions? Beauty contests?

    3. Seriously, mentioning the soccer dominance is due. Despite our distaste for the sport, it continues to gain followers and I was still proud to talk about the 2009 championship to other college sports fans.

    4. Twiddly winks? Midget tossing? Bass fishing (*snicker*)? Collar popping? Soggy biscuit?

      I know a lot of people would not include lacrosse in the lkst of sports that matter, and a few people would include baseball in that group, as well. But it's my list, my opinions, so I get to decide what matters to me and what doesn't. Lacrosse matters, soccer doesn't. Baseball matters, tennis doesn't.

    5. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I would say consider the 2004 football season, but I can certainly understand why you wouldn't