March 13, 2014

The ACC is Getting Louisville...

...and the Big Ten is getting Rutgers.

I wonder who's getting the better end of this bargain?

That's a cool SIXTY-FUCKING-ONE point beatdown, y'all.  Now I know why they call 'em Scarlet Knights*.

* I'm referencing anal bleeding.


Meanwhile, for those of you greedily seed-tracking at home, here's Lunardi's current top 16, listed in the order in which I think the S-curve actually twists:

Wichita State



North Carolina
San Diego State
Iowa State

I bring this up, because Nova lost to Seton Hall today.  I don't think it drops them far, but I do think they're probably off the 1-seed line now.  Kansas without Joel Embiid seems locked in at a 2, so I think Duke is moving up... unless, of course, they lose in the ACC Tournament.  If UVA can run the table and take the championship in Greensboro... then I think we might actually earn that 1-seed.

Not that I want it.

I'd prefer a 3-seed, a Sweet Sixteen matchup with a flawed 2 (Kansas or Michigan), and no pressure of "living up to seed expectation" beyond the second round.  I think that gives us the best chance to crush a 14, battle past a 6 (or 11), upset a 2, and roll into the E8 with a head of steam.

My dream bracket for UVA, based on the current seeding in Bracketology:

  • Virginia gets a 3-seed
  • Positioned in Raleigh for the 1st/2nd round pod
  • 1st round game against 14-seed UC-Irvine
  • 2nd round game against the winner between 6-seed Texas and 11-seed Xavier
  • 2-seed Kansas sitting across from us at the Sweet Sixteen, but maybe upset by 7-seed Gonzaga (or 10-seed George Washington) along the way
  • 1-seed Wichita State

My nightmare bracket for UVA:
  • 3-seed out West, San Diego or Spokane
  • 1st round game against 14-seed Delaware
  • 2nd round game against the winner between 6-seed UConn and 11-seed Nebraska
  • 2-seed Wisconsin sitting across from us at the Sweet Sixteen, but maybe upset by 7-seed Kentucky (or 10-seed Colorado) along the way
  • 1-seed Florida

Wow, that wandered off topic, didn't it?

Screw you Rutgers!  Screw you, Maryland!  Screw you, Big Ten!

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