March 13, 2014

Goodbye Forever, Maryland

Hoos play FSU tomorrow in the ACC Tournament Quarters, thanks to this game-winning buzzer-beating dunk by FSU's awkward big russian-ish guy:

Please note #25's body language throughout the gif

Not only did FSU do the league a favor by putting Maryland in its rightful place: gone forever, but the Noles helped UVA's chances, in my opinion at least, of advancing to Saturday. UVA matches up much better with the Seminoles, as they've blown them out in both meetings this year. Will UVA be rusty again from so much time between games? Will FSU be tired from the fatigue of this physical and close game today? We'll see.


  1. I know you guys have an irrational hatred for Maryland, but they were my favorite ACC rivalry and I'm sad to see it disappear. Hell, all around college sports these great rivalries are disappearing, but that's a larger conversation for another time. Now history will show their last ACC victory as being against US, the conference champions, in our best season in 30 years. Sad times

    1. I take it you've never BEEN to College Park, Anon. Otherwise I'm certain you'd be singing a different tune.

    2. Indeed. Even the NC State, Clemson, and Vippy Sue folks think Murlanders are obnoxious, and I mean, wow- really?

    3. I hearya, anon - hell I still long for the old 9 team ACC. I can assure you though my hatred for Maryland is entirely rational, though.

  2. You must be so much fun at parties, Anonymous.