March 6, 2014

2-seed? 3-seed? WHO CARES?

I'm working on a big-ass "Brackets" post.  To whet your appetite until that one's up and posted, here's a great [year-old] article from Ken Pomeroy.

Oh, and yeah, it's true.  We're now in the conversation for a 1-seed.  Crazy, I know.


  1. give me 2 seed in raleigh with witchita as the one, plz

  2. I agree with Pierce. Though, if I understand this process correctly, only 1 seeds get location preference after the first weekend. It would be nice to be in NYC for a slight home court advantage if we go that far.

  3. Kendal, any chance you guys can make a pod cast? The football's ones left me reading "Don't Jump" books (I stil listen because I found them entertaining) but this years basketball team is almost making up for it. I know you guys have jobs and responcibilities but I really did like if yall could do one decicated to our current awesomenss!!