January 19, 2017

Basketball Starting Lineups -- 1995-2020

Cain is able!

Not exactly sure why I'm doing this, but I am...

1995-96 -- Harold Deane, Curtis Staples, Jamal Robinson, Norman Nolan, Chris Alexander

1996-97 -- Harold Deane, Curtis Staples, Jamal Robinson, Courtney Alexander, Norman Nolan

1997-98 -- Donald Hand, Curtis Staples, Willie Dersch, Norman Nolan, Colin Ducharme

1998-99 -- Donald Hand, Chezley Watson, Willie Dersch, Adam Hall, Chris Williams

1999-00 -- Donald Hand, Roger Mason Jr., Adam Hall, Chris Williams, Travis Watson

2000-01 -- Donald Hand, Roger Mason Jr., Adam Hall, Chris Williams, Travis Watson

2001-02 -- Keith Jenifer, Roger Mason Jr., Adam Hall, Chris Williams, Travis Watson

2002-03 -- Todd Billet, Derrick Byars, Devin Smith, Travis Watson, Elton Brown

2003-04 -- Todd Billet, J.R. Reynolds, Gary Forbes, Jason Clark, Elton Brown

2004-05 -- Sean Singletary, J.R. Reynolds, Devin Smith, Jason Clark, Elton Brown

2005-06 -- Sean Singletary, J.R. Reynolds, Adrian Joseph, Jason Cain, Tunji Soroye

2006-07 -- Sean Singletary, J.R. Reynolds, Mamadi Diane, Jason Cain, Lars Mikalauskas

2007-08 -- Sean Singletary, Jeff Jones, Mamadi Diane, Adrian Joseph, Mike Scott

2008-09 -- Calvin Baker, Sammy Zeglinski, Sylven Landesberg, Mike Scott, Assane Sene

2009-10 -- Jontel Evans, Sammy Zeglinski, Sylven Landesberg, Mike Scott, Jerome Meyinsse

2010-11 -- Jontel Evans, Mustapha Farrakhan, KT Harrell, Joe Harris, Assane Sene

2011-12 -- Jontel Evans, Sammy Zeglinski, Joe Harris, Akil Mitchell, Mike Scott

2012-13 -- Jontel Evans, Paul Jesperson, Joe Harris, Justin Anderson, Akil Mitchell

2013-14 -- London Perrantes, Malcolm Brogdon, Joe Harris, Akil Mitchell, Mike Tobey

2014-15 -- London Perrantes, Malcolm Brogdon, Justin Anderson, Anthony Gill, Darion Atkins

2015-16 -- London Perrantes, Malcolm Brogdon, Devon Hall, Isaiah Wilkins, Anthony Gill

2016-17 -- London Perrantes, Devon Hall, Marial Shayok, Isaiah Wilkins, Jack Salt

2017-18 -- Kyle Guy, Devon Hall, Marial Shayok, Isaiah Wilkins, Jack Salt

2018-19 -- Ty Jerome, Kyle Guy, De'Andre Hunter, Mamadi Diakite, Jack Salt

2019-20 -- Ty Jerome, Kyle Guy, De'Andre Hunter, Jay Huff, Mamadi Diakite

Also look at THIS.

Deano: one of my all-time favorite Hoos.


-- From this list of 25 seasons, only seven were Tournament teams (96-97, 00-01, 06-07, 11-12, 13-14, 14-15, 15-16). Pretty confident that 16-17 will be a Tourney team, along with 17-18, 18-19, and 19-20... in which I am on record predicting a national championship (given good recruiting in this crucial 2018 class).

-- UVA has habitually enjoyed 3 or 4 seasons of starting the same point guard. Deane, Hand (though he was really more of a combo), Singletary, Evans, and now Perrantes.

-- UVA has suffered from a dearth of impact bigs. Norman Nolan to Travis Watson to... really, it's a long wait until you get to Mike Scott's emergence as an elite player in 2011. The good news is that Bennett has proven adept at developing bigs -- look at Meyinsse, Scott, Mitchell, Atkins, Gill, and (maybe to a lesser extent) Tobey. Hopefully that extends to Salt, Huff, and Diakite. Still, I think I'd like to see better recruiting at the 4 and 5. Hopefully that begins with the 2018 class.

Norm Nolan was an underappreciated beast.

-- Pete Gillen really should have done more winning with the Hand/Mason/Williams/Watson core. One Tournament appearance (first round loss to Gonzaga) with that quartet is a crime. They suffered from a lack of supporting cast (I've never been an Adam Hall guy, and the bench was beyond suspect), but still. Those four guys could really play.

-- Dave Leitao sucked as a talent evaluator and recruiter. No way to sugarcoat it. He sucked ass.

Eat shit.

-- Players who never get enough love from Hoofans: Jamal Robinson, Willie Dersch (decent player who never lived up to Burger Boy expectations), Devin Smith, Adrian Joseph, Mustapha Farrakhan.

-- I openly wonder how things would have been different for Virginia Basketball if Majestic Mapp had never gotten hurt. (Tony Bennett would not be our coach right now, I'd surmise.)

Mapp: Hardest hardcourt career I can think of.

-- We've had some really bad luck recently, but nothing hurts more than the tease that was Justin Anderson. Between his hand injury / appendectomy at the end of the 2014-15 season to his decision to go pro early (robbing us of his presence in 2015-16), I think we've missed out on at least one Final Four appearance, maybe two.

-- My All-UVA team of the 25 years depicted: Sean Singletary, Curtis Staples, Malcolm Brogdon, Mike Scott, Travis Watson. Lots of room for debate in there, though.

It was really hard to leave Joey Buckets off of that list.

-- Average wins in the 14 years pre-Bennett: 15.9

-- Average wins in the Bennett Era: 23.6 (and that includes .500 ball while the program was being built, 2009-2011.

-- Weakest starters during this span, by my very rough approximation: Colin Ducharme, Chezley Watson, Keith Jenifer (yuck), Elton Brown, Tunji Soroye, Mamadi Diane, Jeff Jones, Calvin Baker, Jontel Evans, Paul Jesperson

This postage stamp is the only
picture that remains...

-- Backcourt continuity usually elevates a team. Usually. The Deane/Staples, Hand/Mason, Singletary/Reynolds, and Evans/Zeglinski backcourts oversaw some really uneven play. Things solidified greatly with Perrantes/Brogdon. I hope we can experience similar success with Jerome (or whatever 2018 recruit pushes him to the bench) and Guy in the near future.

I think my ultimate conclusion is that... despite a relatively shitty 15-year run... Virginia is a basketball school.

As if we didn't already know that.

January 17, 2017

An ode to the 2016-17 ACC -- college basketball's glorious, unpredictable mess

Read the ESPN story HERE.

Current NCAA Tournament seed projections:

North Carolina: 2-seed
Florida State: 3-seed
Louisville: 3-seed
Virginia: 3-seed
Notre Dame: 4-seed
Duke: 4-seed
Clemson: 7-seed
Virginia Tech: 9-seed
Miami: 10-seed
Pitt: 10-seed

Georgia Tech, Syracuse, and NC State are trying to play their way onto the bubble.

December 8, 2016

Kyle Guy Should Start Over Devon Hall

Our basketball team is like a football team without a running game. We better have a potent aerial attack (perimeter shooting) if we want to score enough to win. All arrows point to Kyle Guy.

Points per Minute / Points per 40 Minutes:
1 Shayok -- 0.527ppm, 21.1 p/40
2 Guy -- 0.506ppm, 20.3 p/40
3 Reuter -- 0.415ppm, 16.6 p/40
4 Diakite -- 0.406ppm, 16.3 p/40
5 Thompson -- 0.377ppm, 15.1 p/40
6 Perrantes -- 0.353ppm, 14.1 p/40
7 Salt -- 0.257ppm, 10.3 p/40
8 Wilkins -- 0.252ppm, 10.1 p/40
9 Jerome -- 0.247, 9.9 p/40
10 Hall -- 0.227ppm, 9.1 p/40

This is not bullshit -- Hall is the worst offensive player in our 10-man rotation. Of course, there's something to be said for efficiency, whatever, whatever, but you miss 100% of the shots you do not take (or whatever that cheesy adage is).

Other takeaways...

-- We need more from Perrantes. Gotta have it. He needs to be in the top 3 of that list.

-- This team will not score enough to win without Kyle Guy and Marial Shayok. At least one of those two needs to be on the floor at all times. One of them needs to start.

-- I'm ecouraged by the production of Reuter and Salt. Go ahead and pencil me into the camp of wanting to see more playing time for Reuter. 16mpg is not enough.

-- Wilkins really should be able to score a bit more than he is. It's a liability, though not as damning as with Hall.

-- This team is really, really fun to debate about. The amoeba-style ensemble offense is intriguing as hell.

-- I still think we might be closer to the bubble than many would like to admit.

-- Of course, you probably want to see the...

Efficiency numbers... True Shooting Percentage (including 2 pointers, 3 pointers and free throws) / Usage % (an estimate of the percentage of team plays used by a player while he was on the floor):
1 Kyle Guy -- 71.3% / 21.2%
2 Jarred Reuter -- 69.2% / 21.3%
3 Mamadi Diakite -- 63.7% / 18.7%
4 Isaiah Wilkins -- 63.4% / 13.9%
5 Darius Thompson -- 62.9% / 21.1%
6 Jack Salt -- 59.3% / 14.5%
7 London Perrantes -- 58.1% / 20.5%
8 Ty Jerome -- 57.1% / 16.8%
9 Marial Shayok -- 51.1% / 31.4%
10 Devon Hall -- 44.8% / 16.7%

Efficiency absolutely matters, and no doubt it's the most important ingredient in Bennettball's successful offensive recipe. But look at the numbers! Pretty clear that Guy should be getting more playing time and more shots. Pretty clear that Reuter should be beginning to eat into Wilkins' minutes. Pretty clear that keeping the lid on Diakite is a big mistake.

Take the PPM and P/40 numbers coupled with the true shooting % and usage % , and then look at shots per game (Field Goals Attempted)...
1 Shayok -- 76 fga
2 Perrantes -- 74 fga
3 Thompson -- 56 fga
4 Hall -- 46 fga
5 Guy -- 45 fga
6 Wilkins -- 38 fga
7 Reuter -- 35 fga
8 Diakite -- 34 fga
9 Salt -- 33 fga
10 Jerome -- 16 fga


-- Kyle Guy should start, should see as much playing time as he can handle, and should lead the team in field goal attempts. Period.

-- Marial Shayok has been woefully inefficient with very heavy usage. Not sure what can be done about that, as he's really our best dribble-drive weapon. I think he just sorta needs to work through it while coming off the bench to play ~20 mpg.

-- Devon Hall to the bench, should be #9 in mpg.

-- More minutes and more shots for Reuter.

Is Kyle Guy on his way to breaking the UVA career record for three pointers made?  13 down, 400 to go (to tie Curtis Staples' record for made threes).  Keep track of the chase with the patented Wahooze Kyle Guy Threetracker, at the top of the sidebar to the right!

Fucking rad that Kyle Guy wears the same #5.

Last point: I'm starting to fall in love with what Jack Salt brings to the table in terms of providing a physical presence. I'm surprised, because coming into the season I was probably the biggest Salt-naysayer around. Happy to eat the crow on that one!

December 6, 2016

What I'm Reading Today -- 12/6/16

My mind is on the offensive line.  Specifically, on REBUILDING a shitty offensive line.





And then there's college football rebuilding, in general.


He’s bringing all of his experiences — NFL coach, growing up in Texas, a star defensive player — in hopes of resurrecting the orange and blue


December 2, 2016

Our Guide: Colorado

Colorado hired coach Mike MacIntyre, a defensive specialist with some head coaching success in the Mountain West (at San Jose State) in December 2012.

Prior to his hire:
2008 -- 5-7
2009 -- 3-9
2010 -- 5-7
2011 -- 3-10
2012 -- 1-11

The Mike Mac Era:
2013 -- 4-8
2014 -- 2-10
2015 -- 4-9
2-16 -- 10-2 (so far...)


The Buffs Are Back

And though Colorado isn’t quite better than ever, it’s stunningly in contention for a conference championship thanks to a defensive revival