March 6, 2014

Duck Fuke

Awesome post on the 247 board from a poster named "Pancake27."

After watching Duke go down at Wake tonight my only thought was this - it is DAMN hard to win 16 games in this league. Regardless of what happens at Maryland, we have been consistently the best team in the ACC this season, bar none. Other fans can bitch and moan about the unbalanced schedule, but Duke, Cuse, and unc have spent the last week disproving their argument. It hasn't been the losses to the top 4 that's kept other teams from winning the regular season championship, it's been the losses to the bottom feeders. The only team that has kept its cool and played tremendous team basketball week in and week out for the entire season has been the Virginia Cavaliers, and as a fan I couldn't be more proud of this team.


  1. I've been comparing UVA's team post Tennessee to the San Antonio Spurs to my friends. Not flashy, but we beat the teams we are supposed to. That formula has worked for them and is working beautifully for us. The main difference this year for the Hoos is that we now have the talent to be favored in most of our games.

    1. A very apt comparison INDEED, my friend, considering the Spurs were also defense-first, strong rebounding, methodical teams during their runs.