March 9, 2014

Making Lemonade

Yeah, okay, that sucked.  It's true -- hard-driving guards can kill us.  And if an opponent has two of them... well... we could be fucked.  We know what our kryptonite is, and we've suspected it all along.

I'm never glad for us to lose.  Losing sucks, no way to spin it.  But here's why I think today's loss maybe isn't all that bad:

-- I bet it's depressurizing for the guys.  That win streak had gotten unwieldy.  Now we can have a little mini-repeat of the Tennessee game, and use it to refocus.  Take the loss on the chin, get mad, get energized.

-- I didn't want us to get a 1-seed, and have the pressure of trying to live up to the gaudy seeding on us during the Tournament.  Now we should settle in nicely on the 3-seed line... assuming we don't lose this Friday in the ACC Tournament quarterfinals.

-- Odds are good we'll be playing Maryland in that quarterfinal game.  I like us coming off of this loss much better than I would have liked us coming off of a win.  (It's hard to beat a decent team three times in the same season.)

Five days to rest, refocus, and get ready for the postseason.  I'd like to see us attack the ACCT like I know we can.  We're the best team in the conference, let's go to Greensboro and prove it.



  1. Biggest game of the year for them, completely meaningless game for us standings wise. Both teams played like it. It is what it is. I'd still rather be us.

  2. The dream scenario is a 2 seed in the wichita region, right?

    1. Anyone but Florida, really. Zona might be an easier play than Wichita.