March 10, 2014

Unbalanced Schedule, My Ass

I'm sure you've heard the popular college basketball media, the Duke Vitales and Jay Bilases of the world, trying to slap some half-assed sort of asterisk on our ACC regular season championship.

"Ummm, ermmm, Virginia won the ACC... BUT of course, you know, they... herp... played an unbalanced schedule... derp derp derp."

That sort of thing.  Right?  You've heard it.  I know you have.

Okay, motherfuckers.  Let's settle this "unbalanced schedule" bullshit once and for all.

Look at the picture I posted above.  That's the top 9 in the ACC.  The first four listed -- us, Cuse, Dook, UNC -- are the certain NCAA Tournament teams.  Pitt is probably in the Big Dance, also.

So the asterisk on our ACC championship is that we only played the other four teams atop the standings once.  So that's four games against the top five.  @ Duke, UNC, @ Pitt, Syracuse.  Loss, win, win, win.  3-1.  75%.  (Plus a loss against Maryland.)

How many games against the top five did the other members of the top five play?

Syracuse -- Six.  UNC, Pitt, Duke, @ Pitt, @ Duke, @ UVA.  Win, win, win, win, loss, loss.  4-2.  67%.  (Plus losses against BC and GT.)

Duke -- Six.  UVA, @ Pitt, @ Cuse, @ UNC, Cuse, UNC.  Win, win, loss, loss, win, win.  4-2.  67%.  (Plus losses against Notre Dame, Clemson, and Wake.)

North Carolina -- Five.  @ Cuse, @ UVA, Pitt, Duke, @ Duke.  Loss, loss, win, win, loss.  2-3.  40%.  (Plus losses against Wake and Miami.)

Pittsburgh -- Five.  @ Cuse, Duke, UVA, Cuse, @ UNC.  Loss, loss, loss, loss, loss.  0-5.  0%.  (Plus losses against FSU and NC State.)

Okay, so yes, we played fewer games against the rest of the top five.

But we won a higher percentage of our games against the Top Five, and we had fewer losses against the shitbag Ten Dwarves.

Even if we had played another two games against the Top Five, and lost those games, we would have been 14-4, and won the tiebreaker over Syracuse.

We won the ACC regular season championship, and we deserved to win the ACC regular season championship.

So, in a nutshell, the media can lick my balls and shove the unbalanced schedule up their asterisk.

Now let's go wreck shop in Greensboro.

By the way, Clemson should be an NCAA Tournament team.  They won't be, but they should be.

We beat the Tigers in Littlejohn.  Syracuse beat them at home.  Duke lost to them in Littlejohn.  Carolina beat them at home.  Lame-ass Pitt beat 'em twice.


  1. I think we just took care of business a lot better than the other teams in the conference. You didn't see us losing games to Georgia Tech or Boston College or Wake, but it seems like a lot of commentators just want everyone to forget that you need to win the games you SHOULD win. This year we had some really strong wins that displayed our program's arrival, but where we set ourselves apart from everyone else was not making mistakes against weak opponents in conference play. To me that shows a well-coached, well-disciplined and focused team, but you'd never get that from some of the stuff I've been reading.

    I don't get why some people try so hard to denigrate what this team has achieved when the other coaches in the ACC have said all season long that we're the best team in the league.

  2. Virginia won't get respect'll say, next year, provided we're near the top of the conference once again. The mouthpieces bloviating over the unbalanced schedule almost universally came to age in a time when the ACC was even more "Tobacco Road"-centric than it is today. We'll shut up their Bilases, er, biases, with our on-court performance.