March 16, 2014

What to expect during the Selection Show.

(It's on at 6:00 on CBS, by the way.)

If Michigan State holds on to this 15-point lead and beats Michigan, I think there's a real, realistic chance that we'll get the last 1-seed.  ACC regular season champs and ACC Tournament champs, it's a big deal.  Not sure I remember a team winning both and not getting a 1.

But it's okay if we don't.  A 2-seed would work just fine.  In fact, there are some damn dangerous 8/9 seeds out there -- namely, Oklahoma State and Memphis -- that I'd prefer to avoid.

I think the floor is a 3-seed.  I can't imagine that we'd drop that far, but it's possible.  Rule 2b and all.  And a 3-seed would be fine, too.  We get a 3, we'll have a chip on the shoulder, and I like that.

We'll certainly, DEFINITELY be seeded in Raleigh.  Which means we'll be playing on Friday and Sunday this coming weekend.

In any case, I think it's important to note that no matter what seed we get, and no matter what happens in the NCAA Tournament, this season has been a wild success.

That being established, like I've been saying for a calendar year: Sweet Sixteen or bust.

Not sure what the definition of "bust" is, but this team can, and should, have legit Final Four aspirations.  Making it to at least the second weekend of the Big Dance should absolutely be the minimum expectation.

Got any other nets to cut down, Coach?  How about a regional final?  How about in Dallas?

I'll be back tonight for some quick breakdown, then later this week for more in-depth stuff.  Or maybe just something funny previewing the NCAAT... or both.


  1. Kendall: Years ago I remember you saying you would never leave Charlottesville out of fear of a UVA football or basketball team doing well and you not being here to revel in it. I am seeing a direct correlation between your move to Richmond and Virginia's basketball success. Just saying...

  2. "Not sure I remember a team winning both and not getting a 1."

    You have to go way back to Miami in 2013. I think that's the only time it has ever happened, though.