October 12, 2013




... The team played a pretty good game today.  Lots of progress being made, it seems.

Still, a loss.

Still, 2-4 and going nowhere fast.

Still, the need for a change at the top.  My patience has run out.  I'm tired of losing.  I want to see some winning.

Good luck in the BigTen, Maryland.  You fucking assholes.

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  1. Don't worry Kendall because London is a GREAT RECRUITER!!!! and this crop of recruits coming in with already the talent he has brought in is really going to help next year. Which is what everyone is going to say here on this blog.. News flash people, I will tell you what he's not? "A GREAT HEAD COACH". His current record, at UVA is 18-25..I can see how that is going to bring in recruits.. Keep up the great work coach!!