October 4, 2013

UVA vs. Ball State: Numbers to Watch

As in, one turnover.  As in, that's all our anemic offense can probably afford to cough up tomorrow.  We all saw what two turnovers got us against Pitt.

As in, I hope Dom Terrell doesn't drop another #2 all over the field in this game.

Turnovers the Orange Crush needs to deliver in order to keep us competitive.  This should be the gold standard for every game this season.  The D generates three takeaways, we should  be able to win the game.

Smoke Mizzell.  If he's back from his sprained ankle, he could provide a jolt to an offense badly in need of one.  Also, punt returns?  I know I'll be scanning the field for that #4 tomorrow.

The minimum number of shots we need to take downfield in the intermediate / deep passing game.  At least three of these need to be to Darius Jennings.  If we don't start chucking it deep, stacked boxes will just kill our running game... and thus, our offensive effort.

You need to catch two of those three shots downfield, dammit.

Eli.  Our best pass rusher is always going to be key against a pass-first offense.

The minimum number of points we need to score in order to have a shot at winning this game.  Ball State has a very good offense, and as awesome as our D might be, we won't hold them completely in check.

We need receivers who can and will catch the freaking ball.  E.J. Scott can - and will - catch the freaking ball.  Time to target him for more playing time.  Feed the squirrel, baby.  Feed the freaking squirrel.

The average number of points Ball State is allowing this season.  That's to juggernauts like Illinois State, Army, North Texas, Eastern Michigan, and Toledo.  It will be embarrassing and probably disastrous if we fail to at least match this mark.

Ball State's scoring average.  Obviously, we cannot allow them to get to this mark tomorrow.

Ball State QB Keith Wenning is pretty damn good.
We need to put him on his ass.

The number of hours it should take to fire Mike London and name Tom O'Brien the interim head coach if we lose this game.

This is true freshman Eric Smith, our new starting right tackle.  Eyeballs on him, Hoofans.  Let's hope he looks the part.

I don't want to call Jay Whitmire a failure at right tackle, because I think he was playing okay.  Not great, not even good, but showing enough flashes to at least hang onto the job.  Instead, he brings his athleticism and movement skills inside to right guard, as we attempt to defibrillate the running game.  I'm actually somewhat excited to see what Whit looks like as a pulling guard.

Time to step up, Jake McGee.

This true freshman wide receiver's redshirt is being burned because he's been so good in practice.  Let's see what you've got, Keeon Johnson.

Max Valles.  I want to see if my new favorite player can build off of the 2.5 sacks he registered against Pitt.

That's our current offensive ranking (out of 123 FBS schools).  And that's with a game against VMI.  Horrendous.  Like, people should be fired horrendous.  This mark must improve.  Drastically.  And quickly.

That's how many yards of offense we managed against Pitt.  We obviously need to do better against the Cardinals.

We need to unleash KP.

How many yards of offense we SHOULD see tomorrow, against this Ball State defense.

The average number of yards per game an offense ranked inside the NCAA's top-100 will register.  I'm not asking for the moon and stars here.  Just get inside the top-100.  Jeez.

Ball State's average passing yards per game.  That's good enough for #3 nationally.  Our D could have its hands full.

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