October 23, 2013

"The Architect"

First and foremost, listen to this week's podcast.

Secondly, read this article:

How Art Briles and his potent offense have taken Baylor from conference doormat to national title contender

I challenge anyone to say that bringing in a coach who will install an Air Raid-style offense couldn't / can't / wouldn't / won't totally transform Virginia Football from the moribund sad sack it currently is into something totally awesome and exciting.

Open up the passing game and build a program around that identity.  That's the path UVA needs to take when it comes to its football program.

We won't get Art Briles, but we could get the NEXT Art Briles and
we could be the NEXT Baylor.


  1. If this is the route we go, I really think Wilder is the guy. Unlike London, who inherited his successful Richmond team, Wilder built ODU from scratch and has had a crazy amount of success. Pair him with a good defensive coordinator and the sky is the limit.

  2. I think we need to look at Tenuta... I dunno. I was afraid maybe his schemes were gimmicky and that they could be coached around, with as much youth as was on the field, and perhaps the folks at GT and ND were right... I dunno. Any thoughts on that?

  3. - Bob Diaco, DC at Notre Dame.. He already has coached here and knows the University well..
    -Mike Bobo OC at Georgia has coached Matt Stafford, David Greene &D.J Shockley.. I'm sure he might be able to do something positive with David, or Greyson...