October 1, 2013

WahoozeCast - October 1st

Welcome back, faithful listeners. Apologies for our brief absence from your headphones - work travel had me in the land of unreliable internet for far too long. This week, we discuss our current feelings towards the state of the program - which, for the amount of potential negativity, I think we summed it up quite nicely with a faint optimistic hope... Listen below. Leave comments. Archived previous casts to come soon.


  1. Love the weekly podcast - listen every week. It's just nice to hear out loud what I know everyone else is thinking.

  2. Great podcast. You guys are right; offense clicks, and we are a good team, potentially running the table against everyone but Oregon and Clemson. Even Clemson is mortal, though. Without that, though, pfft. We're going to lose lots of 9-6 games.