October 2, 2013

Great Expectations

First off LISTEN TO THE PODCAST!!! It's a good one this week.

Now back to this post.

For those of you that know me, you know I root for some really terrible teams. But I also have the lethal ability to convince myself that these teams have a chance to be good, making their inevitable losing seasons that much more crushing when they happen. You're reading someone who thought the Wizards' big 3 of Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler, and Antawn Jamison would get the to the NBA finals. Someone who thought Patrick Ramsey could lead a dynamic Steve Spurrier offense for the Redskins. Someone who thought Mark Prior and Kerry Wood would lead the Cubs to their first world series in a century. Someone who STILL thinks Alex Ovechkin can take the Capitals to their first ever Stanley Cup. And that's not even counting the UVA teams I root for.

The point is this kind of excitement happens for me frequently, and the more it fails the more jaded and cynical I get about sports in general. I've been trying my best not to get overly excited for seasons given my track record of heartbreak, but there is one team that is different. One team that can do it. One team that if I had to bet my non-existent house on to win the championship I would over any team I've ever rooted for. And that team is the 2014 UVA Baseball team.

UVA is LOADED this season. I have a hard time seeing any team ranked ahead of us to start the year, and for good reason. virtually everyone is back this season from a team that got to the Super Regionals last season. Not only are a lot of the position players back, but we have a full strength Artie Lewicki and Whit Mayberry back. That's not even including ├╝ber recruit Connor Jones who could come in and start right away.

We'll go more in depth as the season approaches but here is a quick look at the lineup and rotation

C: Nate Irving
1B: Joe McCarthy
2B: John LaPrise/George Ragsdale
3B: Kenny Towns
SS: Branden Cogswell
LF: Derek Fisher
CF: Brandon Downes
RF: Mike Papi
DH: Nick Howard.
***I've seen Howard taking some reps at first. If that's the case look for McCarthy to go out to right and Fisher to DH.

Friday: Artie Lewicki
Saturday: Brandon Waddell
Sunday: Nick Howard
Weekday: Connor Jones/Nate Kirby

We have a glut of talented arms. That will once again be the strength of the team. I think Josh Sborz has the best chance to be the closer. The one weakness is a lack of lefties in the bullpen, with only Rosenberger and potentially Kirby.


Orange and Blue World Series Friday at 6 at Davenport. It's free. Come and get excited.

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