October 7, 2013

To Attend or Not Attend, that is the Question

I'm wrestling with a big decision here: Whether or not to attend another home game this season.

I've been going to UVA football games since 1987.  Never missed a game as a student, 1995-1999.  Missed maybe six or seven total home games from 2000-2013.  I'm an extremely loyal person, an even more loyal fan, and UVA football is part of my hard-wiring.  It has twisted itself into the double helix of my DNA.  When we win, nobody is happier.  When we lose, nobody is more depressed.  And when we play like assclowns high on pink snoballs and crystal meth, nobody is angrier, more embarrassed, or more incensed.

But right now - with season tickets already purchased - I'm trying to decide whether or not to make it out to these last four games this season.  I'm not a big money donor or anything, so the only voice I really have is this blog, my posts on the message boards, and whether or not my ass is in my seat on gameday.

I want to help send the message, via an empty stadium, that the current course needs to be corrected, immediately.  But I'm not a fairweather fan.  So I'm conflicted.  How to support the team while at the same time sending the message that I think major changes need to be made, immediately?  Go to the games with nasty "FIRE LONDON, DUMP OLIVER" signs?  Go to the games and boo Jon Oliver and all the bad coaching decisions and all the idiotic, stupid, boneheaded mistakes?  Just stay home and follow the Colin Cowherd premise of refusing to support a crap product?  I really don't know what to do.

Maybe go the paper bag route?

The part of me that enjoys having fun and hates having hobbies cause unhappiness just wants to go out and tailgate... and tailgate... and tailgate... and miss the game. But then I'd have to drive home drunk, so that's also a problem.

Any ideas?


  1. No. Can't support you in any way here. Go to the games if you can- I don't miss any, haven't since I worked in the PICU and didn't have a choice. I might jawjack about Eli Harold with the penalties, or Jack McGee with the drops, or London this or that, but they're all Hoos, and I support them- period. Thick or thin. Save the pointed words for the blog, IMHO.

    Just like with you, Kendall, I might call you out on being full of shit for XYZ reason, but at the end of the day, you're still a Hoo, too.

    And I hope any student athletes that read this know that. I'll be there, and by God, I'll cheer for you guys no matter what.

  2. Chill out Kendall. It's not that bad. Support the team!

  3. Come to the games buddy. If not for the amazing play, then to hang out with us. We'll suffer with you! Who else is going to ask my did to hit up the corner with him?