October 13, 2013

Couldn't have said it better myself.

One of my favorite posters on Wahoos24/7 uncorked the following masterpiece a couple of hours ago. Hoos Inc -- with your "Reaity Check" post, you have stated EVERYTHING that I've been wanting to say, but struggling to find the words...

Yesterday's performance might be enough to encourage some people that our team is improving. Those people would be wrong.

While we may be improving against the metric of our performance vs. Oregon or Pitt, the problem is that other teams are improving over the course of the season, as well. We are not going to play the VPI team that struggled against Marshall. We're going to play the VPI team of November 30.

First of all, let's note the opponent: this is a Maryland team that we laughingly dismissed two years ago as a dumpster fire of a program. Randy Edsall is in his third year, after going a combined 6-18 in his first two seasons. He has had two complete recruiting classes come to College Park, ranked 37th and 41st, respectively.

This, on a team where seemingly half of the scholarship athletes jumped ship and ran two years ago.

This, on a team that was playing a walk-on linebacker at quarterback last year and managed as many wins as we did, and managed to beat us.

By way of recruiting comparison, Mike London - in his fourth year - has had three complete classes, ranked 23rd, 25th, and 29th, respectively, coming into a situation with not nearly as much attrition.

What did we do yesterday? Against THAT Maryland team we: ran for over 200 yards, gave up no sacks, had a +3 turnover differential, went 4-5 on field goals with our punter doing PK duties.......and found a way to lose.

Was this against starter CJ Brown? No...it was against their backup, in the rain. This same backup went for 300 yards. Were most of those YAC? Absolutely. Why are our athletes -guys like Jennings, Smith, and Terrell - not capable of YAC? That's either on their execution or the design of the plays, but there's a problem somewhere. We are LAST in the nation in YPC. LAST. Every single college that fields a team in the United States is better than we are in this category.

Our motto is "Uncompromised Excellence." Why is the football team not held to this standard? Why are moral victories against a Maryland team that has averaged 3 wins over the last two seasons acceptable? What moral victories against such a team are even possible?

Are good things happening in this program? Yes. Would dismissing any of our current coaches set us back another 4 years? Most likely. But I'm tired of excuses. I'm tired of hearing we're young. Johnny Manziel lit up Nick Saban's defense as a 19 year old. About half of our two-deep are upperclassmen with 15+ games under their belt. There is no excuse for sloppy, inconsistent play.

I don't care how good we get, on our roster. I don't care how much talent we acquire. If gameday decision making doesn't improve, we will shit the bed and never achieve our potential. Period.

We are better than this. We've turned into Duke, and that is NOT who we are. Since 1982, that is NOT who we are. But we are on our way to our sixth losing season in eight years. When you fill a decade with mediocrity, you become known as a mediocre team.

We are one terrible decision by a BYU OC/QB from being 0-5 against FBS opponents in this, the fourth season under the current administration. Let that sink in. Marinate in it. I'm not okay with this creeping culture of failure that is infiltrating our football program.

Hoos Inc

It's a sobering post, and it hits the nail on the head.  Keeping London is burying our heads in the sand.

I say that, because I think the "keep London" crowd should really think about our schedule for next season.

Home Games:
Kent State
North Carolina

Away Games:
Florida State
Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech

Anybody look at that schedule and feel confident in an 8+ win breakthrough season?

God this is depressing. Can't everyone see that we just need to go ahead and make a change RIGHT NOW, and stop delaying the inevitable?

I really don't want to have to wait until London is fired at the end of November in 2014 before I can be excited about Virginia Football again. 13.5 months. That's a long damn time.

And a word to the wise: Kent State is about as much of a gimme as Ball State was, and we know how that one turned out.

We'll go 3-9 this year, 3-9 or maybe 4-8 next year (with a shaky half-assed rebuilt o-line and coaches calling plays affected by their scalding hotseat status.)

We - as fans - need to beat the drum.  Harder and harder with every loss.  Fire London and Oliver now, and make 2014 the dawn of a new era... not 2009 Part II.

It's time for a change.  Fire London.  Fire Oliver.

I'll have additions to "The List" coming this week, so stay tuned.


  1. As someone who has posted that he was on the Keep London train last week, I completely understand where you're coming from. I'm slowly beginning to agree, as bad as I hate it. Here's the problem: I don't care how loud we chant, or how bad we suck throughout the rest of the year, I just don't think London is going anywhere this season. This leaves me in an awkward position...I don't know whether to keep pulling for London to do better, or secretly start hoping we suck bad enough that maybe he does get fired.

    1. Well, you never want to pull against the team. But maybe just let the concept ease a little of the normal venom from a loss.

      I'm not convinced that London automatically gets 2014. If we end up 2-10 or 3-9 this season, with "fire London" everywhere there are die-hard fans, and ticket sales projected at all-time lows for next season, I think we'll see a change. All we can do is support the team on game day, and beat the drum as hard as possible during the week.


  2. Man, I dunno. I'm lost. I don't disagree with the call on Saturday. Voz had plenty of leg, he just pushed it a little right. London talks with Voz before hand, he looks at what the Maryland defense is giving them, tells Watford to pick up any yards if he can and then get it as bang on the money for Voz as he can... alas. Now we know how FSU felt two years ago.

    I don't think the playcalling was the problem in this game. It was execution. and I can't blame Mike for kicking those field goals, when at Pitt he went for it and got excoriated.

    And Kendall, if you think Tom O'Brien, if he had a problem with something Mike London did, he wouldn't make it known, you haven't known any Marines. So I don't think Tommy would be any sort-of upgrade, either. Yeah, next year's schedule is daunting. Maybe it would've been better to follow the Frank Beamer school of thought and schedule as many fluffy cupcakes as we can until we start hitting 8-10 wins a season. But it's not.

    I still have faith in Mike London, and especially this football team. I'll be sad if it doesn't work out, but I'm still a Hoo, and I'll still be there every Saturday.

    1. Ragekage is right. The playcalling is what killed us. Running up the middle every time we are on the goalline or in a 3rd and short is not going to work if it is all we do. We have a dynamic QB, spread the field, run the read option, find and exploit the holes in the defense. If the defense can account for all 11 guys on the offense, God bless 'em, but I'll believe that when I see it.

    2. I don't think the playcalling was bad; I think Steve Fairchild is doing a pretty good job considering how lousy the OL has been. Losing Tim Cwalina and Sean Cascarano; Tim was a beast, I knew him. Losing him, and especially both of 'em, was huge. Dang. It'd make a huge difference right there. Alas. You can have Aaron Rodgers as a QB, but if he spends most of his time on the ground or running for his life, then you get buttwhomped. Or kick eleventy field goals in the end zone instead of touchdowns.

  3. HoosInc top 10 poster on the 247 board. No Doubt. The tide is turning over there and it is going to get ugly.

    I think I have discovered what my biggest objection to this entire situation is, and that is that the AD seems to be being run by fans of the tea, and not objective people that can make decisions based on unbiased analysis. If you ask anyone in the country if Mike London should still have this job, they would answer no. But because I see Jon Oliver on the sideline in full UVA sweats like a first year discovering student charge works at TJ's locker, it makes me think he's just as bad at the message board people who think we are one win away from turning this around.

    Let me make one thing very very clear. If we win another game this season, it will be in spite of our coaching, not because of it.

  4. I think the coaches had a good plan for Maryland. I don't think London is the guy, but have ambiguous feelings about when to fire him. We were a jump ball in double coverage or a 42 yard field goal away from a win. The turnovers were cut out and the offense looked competent. I know Maryland didn't have CJ, but losing Urban early and not having Nicholson was huge.

    The o-line has to be able to win a battle once in a while on the goalline. However the changes appeared to be beneficial overall.

    At least London had an understandable thought process for not throwing on the last drive unlike last year's debacle at Tech. It seemed like Watford did a poor job centering the ball for the kick and dove to the other hash mark. It will be interesting to see if the redzone offense improves, and playcalling varies more there.