October 2, 2013

Max Valles is Awesome

Firstly, listen to the podcast.

Second, read Mike's quick and tidy piece about his superhuge expectations for Virginia Baseball in 2014.  (My expectations: Omaha or bust.)

Third, slap the below link and learn about true freshman Max Valles (it rhymes with "malice," not "sales.")

The defense played great against Pitt.  As this week grinds along, I find myself more focused on the Orange Crush, what it's shown, and its potential for the rest of the season.  I find myself less worried about the offense.  Hey, it either comes together or it doesn't.  Watford either improves or he doesn't.  The receivers learn to catch or they don't (FEED THE FUCKING SQUIRREL!)  The OL gets their shit together or they don't.  But the Orange Crush -- it's worthy of our excitement.  And it'll keep us in games, and heck, might even win a game or two for us on its own.  And that will be fun to see.

Max Valles, as a rush linebacker perfectly suited for the Tenuta scheme, gets to enjoy his star rising this season.  #88 on the defense, it's so bizarre, and so freaking awesome!

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