October 23, 2013

WahoozeCast - October, 22nd

Good morning, Wahooze nation!

We're back this week on the cast to run some coaching candidates names/thoughts, as well as a few basketball-related celebrations. For an RSS feed for our new host, archive.org, it looks like it may be possible to create a feed searching for anything with "Wahooze" in the title. I don't know if this will work, but try: https://archive.org/search.php?query=title%3A%28wahooze%29#raw

We reference a few links that I'll post below the player. Enjoy! Leave Comments!


  1. First things first. Kendall... WHO DEY!
    Pierce... sorry about the Lions, Calvin Johnson is a beast.
    Great stuff guys. Listening to this while at work. Pete Lembo I think would be a really solid hire. Assuming that London is around one more year I wonder if some other program might try an beat you to the punch. I think the boulder Kendall is talking about could be a problem. Rich guys don't get rich by giving money away, and after having to buy out significant contracts for Gillen, Lieto, and Groh, you have to wonder how much more money they will continue to throw at the program to clean up poor decisions.

    1. oh yeah thanks for the shout out. i feel like a celebrity.

  2. love these pod casts. keep it up gentelmen.

    i like pete limbo but some other school is going to sign him if we dont hurry.

    darooter is a good option too. i like what kendel posted the other day. sounds like a great coach.

    how about huspet at louisiana lafayette? he's got it goin on down there and is an sec type who could bring big boy football to uva,

    how about the guy at towson?

    how about the michigan sate dc?