October 4, 2013


Sorry for the bad paronomasia, but screw it, it's Friday afternoon.

I bought this sucker this week:

Not the best college hoops rag out there, but first on the newstand = the one I buy first.  And lo and behold, Lindy's wants to heap some preseason praise upon our Hoos.  Check it:

-- Joe Harris is rated the #1 shooting guard in the nation for 2013-14.  #1.

-- Akil Mitchell is Lindy's 10th-best power forward.

-- Mike Tobey is the #7 center.

-- UVA has the nation's 4th-best frontcourt (and they didn't even name Anthony Gill as part of the equation in the write-up!)

-- Virginia is ranked #14 to start the season.  "This team is deeper, bigger, and more experienced than any other team Bennett has coached.  Virginia could make a run deep into March."

This, my friends, is what expectations look like.  And now it's up to Bennett and the team to meet (exceed?) those expectations.

Sweet Sixteen or bust.


  1. I am not sure whether to be excited or nervous. Today optimism reigns - pumped for the basketball season.

  2. Except Harris is a SF.

    Still fcuk yeah! Bball season can't get here soon enough.