October 6, 2013

London Needs to Go

In case you missed it in the comments section of the previous post (with a few edits and additions)...

Frankly, I am AMAZED that there are still people who want London retained. What do you need to see, guys? Three touchdown loss on our home field to Ball State. What's next? Crushed by Maryland? Another 42-17 loss to Duke, but this time at home? Our 10th straight loss to Virginia Tech? Would you still want to give London next year if (when) we end up 2-10 this season? Just to save a few recruits and give the guy a fair chance? It's nuts.

At some point, the head coach has to be culpable for wins and losses. I'm willing to grant a free pass for the first couple of seasons of a new coach's tenure --- he's inheriting the last few crappy recruiting classes of the coach that was fired before him. But I need to see progress. And right now, we're not seeing progress. We're seeing regression.

Year Three: 36-point loss to Georgia Tech, home loss to a WAC team, 25-point loss to Duke, home loss to a bad Maryland team, home loss to a very bad Wake Forest team, crushed by UNC on a Thursday night in front of a half-full stadium, another loss to Virginia Tech, 4-8 record.

Year Four: Wasted the best game ever played by our defense in scoring THREE points against a mediocre Pitt defense after THREE weeks to prepare, three-touchdown loss on our home field against a team from the MAC... with eight games left to play.

When does it end? Does your patience know no bounds? At what point does waiting for success just become burying your head in the sand?

Do we need to suffer another loss like the one Al Groh absorbed against William & Mary in 2009 before you guys wake up?

I don't care about Quin Blanding. I don't care about Andrew Brown. I don't care about ANY recruits, or ANY of the players currently on the team. Worrying about that stuff is just shifting around the deck chairs on the Titanic. It doesn't matter. These guys aren't just going to magically fix what's ailing our very ill program. Furthermore, we need to STOP making football decisions based on recruiting. That way of thinking is part of what is currently killing our football program.

And the notion of not firing London because we can't get anyone better? That's the epitome of loser thinking. UVA has the money, piles of money, to throw at a coach with the right mix of traits. We'll never know who we could attract until we try.

In closing, you are all entitled to your opinions, just as I am entitled to mine. And my opinion is that we've been waiting long enough to see progress, the current product on the field is unacceptable, and ultimately the head coach needs to be held accountable for what is happening on the football field.

I can't control anything other than what goes on this blog, what I post on the message boards, and (with season tickets for 2013 already purchased), my attendance at games.  I'll be using those things to beat the drum as loudly as I can.  Mike London needs to go.  The longer we delay the inevitable, the more damage he can do before he's gone.  (See also: Al Groh and the 2009 season.)

18-24 (.429) at UVA, 8-17 (.320) in the ACC, and going nowhere fast...

With that, I'm done talking about why the guy needs to go.  It should be obvious why he deserves to be fired.  He's failing at his job.

To me, "staying positive" is exploring who our next coach might be.  That's what I'll spend my time on this blog doing, discussing potential candidates, and dreaming of a day when my hope and faith in Virginia Football is reborn.


  1. No, I didn't say London was The One. I'm saying the reaction to yesterday ought not be "zomg fire him now".

    What I want answers for is the defense yesterday. What the hell? Did everyone fellate them so much last week they felt the need to be chippy this week, like they were invincible? They play like last week, we win. Period. Even with the refs jobbing us and the two called back touchdowns. Why?

    1. I'm not saying "zomg fire him now." This isn't a knee-jerk reaction. I'm not saying this out of emotion, and I'm not going to "sober up" and come around by Thursday. I am very cool, calm, and collected right now. Mike London isn't The One, so why delay the inevitable?

      Delaying the inevitable does damage to the program, and puts us behind the 8-ball when we actually do decide to make a move. And that move is coming, make no mistake. Whether it's now (it won't be), or at the end of this season, or after next season, the move is coming. So why waste time?

    2. No, I get it, I know how you feel about London. But yesterday, imho, wasn't on his shoulders anymore than any head coach. Again, Jake McGee's sudden case of dropsies and Eli Harold's bullshit arguably cost us the game yesterday, period. Continue to argue against London; fine with me. But I don't see how you lay those things at his feet specifically. Maybe there was a good reason Jake was 3rd on the depth chart. And what are we gonna do, bench Harold?

      Also, losing Cascarano and Cwalina were back breakers. Thus things like a called back 79 yard touchdown. And I dunno, Moses was looking lazy too, imho.

      If we can find a way to combine the Pitt defense with yesterday's offense minus the frosh mistakes, we win every game this year except Oregon, Clemson, and Miami. The defense is supposed to keep us in games. They gave up almost as many yards against Ball State as Oregon. That's what I want answers about. London second, WTF defense first.

      But hey, it's your blog, just my two cents.

    3. Great comments, man. Again, thanks for reading and commenting. And I hear what you're saying, loud and clear. I'm just at the point where focusing on the broken cogs and gears feels like a waste of time. We need a new machine.

      But by all means, pick it apart! It's a worthwhile exercise, for sure. You're right, the mistakes yesterday were backbreakers. To me, those mistakes are merely symptoms of a greater problem. You understand. If you think the machine can still be fixed, more power to you! And I really do hope you're right.

  2. Whenever anyone asks why I don't consider myself a fan of U.Va. football, I just point to the games like the last two and I don't get questioned about it anymore.

  3. Can you guys add "and Oliver" to you Fire London slogan? Oliver has set up this debacle by not looking at Golden or anybody other than London. On top of that he gives London a bonus after 2011 and throws more money into this year's staff. Giving London a bonus after 2011 is ridiculous. We lost to Southern Miss, barely beat Idaho in OT at home, barely beat Indiana, lost to NC State at home, and got blown out against VT and Auburn to close. How does that earn a pay raise?

    1. You're going to enjoy a post that is coming out in the next day or two.

  4. I respect your opinion, it's great that we have passionate fans like you guys who run this blog. Our team has not been living up to what we expect of them, no arguments there. But, at the same time, I would say a majority of the fans, the administration, and the players are not ready to give up on London, implode the rest of the staff, burn around $10 million in contract buyouts, and watch half our talent transfer away at this point. However, at the end of next season if we're in the same spot as now, they probably will be. That's just the bottom line.

  5. I'm sure you've seen it by now, but Craig Littlepage has said Mike London's job is safe. That being said, and even though I've still got some faith in him, I'd still love to see your list of coaching candidates.