November 30, 2012

Wahooze Pix - Week Fourteen

Last Week
Mike: 8 (out of 11)
Pierce: 8
Garrett: 8
Kendall: 5

Pierce - 71

Mike - 70
Guests - 68
Kendall - 64

Still darn close (except for Kendall) as we get into championship games and bowls. This week features most of the championship games. [Ed note: picks were made before last night's "Big East" matchup] There's plenty of games this week and even moreso bowls, so anything could happen.

This week's guest is a longtime friend of Wahooze, Doug. Let's get to it!

FSU (-14) v GT 
Noles: Everyone.
Al Groh Sucks: No one.

Kendall: GT in the championship game is a total embarrassment.

Mike: It sounds like GT would have been better off just to have missed this game. The ACC will be lucky to pull a 1.0 on the rating.

Pierce: FSU by a million

Doug: Who really cares though... the real losers are us fans. Any
championship where one division winner in reality is in third place is
a joke.

Nebraska (-2.5) v Wisconsin
Huskers: Everyone.
Badgers: No one.

Kendall: Nebraska has had a really quiet 10-win season.

Mike: Too busy laughing about Ohio State to actually watch this game.

Pierce: Wisconsin is mediocre. I don't see this being that close. 

Doug: Nebraska - See comment on ACC. they should have had Nebraska play Florida State.

Bama (-7.5) v UGA
Tide: Pierce
Dawgs: Kendall, Mike, Doug

Kendall: Go Dawgs.  I don't think I can handle seeing another Bama championship.

Mike: I think Ugga can pull this off.

Pierce: Not betting against Nick Saban, that's for sure. Though it could be much too high of a spread.

Doug: Georgia - I think Georgia wins outright or keeps it within a touchdown.

Stanford (-9) v UCLA
Cardinal: Kendall, Pierce, Doug
Bruins: Mike

Kendall: One of these teams is really good.  The other?  Snacked on a bunch of Pac-12 cupcakes.

Mike: Gotta think this will be closer than the last time.

Pierce: Stanford is just this good.

Doug: Is it just me or do, outside of SEC, all these championship
games suck?

Texas @ KSU (-12.5) 
Longhorns: Kendall, Mike
EMAW: Pierce, Doug

Kendall: Here comes the upset.  Book it.

Mike: Texas will keep this one close.

Pierce: Spread is so high, but Texas is that bad. 

Doug: I actually thought this would be the game KSU would need to
worry about knocking them off. Texas seems to have folded the tents
though to me.

Louisville @ Rutgers (-3) 
Cardinals: Kendall, Mike, Pierce
New Jersey: Doug

Kendall: It's ACC vs. Big 10 for the Big East championship.

Mike: Welcome to the big boys Louisville. Go out with a bang.

Pierce: Chirp chirp?

Doug: now that they have joined the ACC, they can commence being
terrible at football.

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ TCU 
Sooners: Kendall, Pierce, Doug
Frogs: Mike

Kendall: So sick of the Big XII.  Actually... so sick of college football right now.  Screw our team.

Mike: One last BIG XII win for Gary Patterson.

Pierce: Sooners should roll.

Doug: I'll go with Oklahoma they still have an outside shot at BCS game

Welp, there you have. Stay tuned to Wahooze for bowl game picks, and to see if UVA get's left out of the major conference game of musical chairs. 

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