November 17, 2012

REALIGNMAGEDDON -- Maryland to the B1G?!?

I kinda thought I'd never have the chance to do another REALIGNMAGEDDON post, but then this fun little rumor bubbled up: Maryland to the Big Ten.


You read that correctly.  Check it out...

As the Conferences Turn: Maryland, Big Ten rumors back in vogue

Not sure that it's even possible, given the new $50mil ACC buyout.  But the fun part of the rumor has the B1G releasing Penn State in order to add Maryland.

Trading the Terps for the Nits?  Sign me up!

More importantly, sign ESPN up!


  1. I've been hearing a RUMOR that UnderArmor guy Kevin Plank might pay the $50 mil to get this done. Nice tax write-off, I guess. Either way, Terps still blow.

  2. Don't get me wrong, I hate the Terps and their degenerate fanbase as much as the next guy, but this is not a good sign for the ACC. All the good momentum from stabilizing this conference is now out the window. If this happend expect the rumor-mill of FSU/CU to the B12 to heat up follwoed by VT/NCSU to the SEC.

    If you could guarantee me that Maryland would be replaced with PSU that would be one thing, but the relity is it is going to be UConn.

  3. Or Louisville.

    This doesn't worry me one iota, by the way. Maryland wasn't giving us - and wasn't going to give us - anything in the way of football cred. I'll have no problem sleeping tonight, and I wish the Terps nothing but sadness and despair in the Big Ten. Glad we won't have to see those vomitous Maryland flag helmets anymore, nor suffer through any more games against those shitheads or their Bay Redneck fans. College Park can burn to the ground.

  4. And when UMD negotiates down that 50M payout then all bets are off. DC/Baltimore is an enourmous TV market, that neither adding UConn or **Vomit** Lousiville can replace. But yes they will amply replace UMD's trashy fanbases.

    So yes we will still have plenty of mouth breathing fans in the conference if we add UCOnn or UL but a smaller TV money. Contracts are a two way street, if we can re-negotiate for allowing ND to "Join" than it stands to reason that ESPN has that right as well.

  5. Now seeing rumors of an eventual play for UNC to the big ten... Probably bullshit though.

    Hate the Terps (love the Bay Rednecks moniker - so true), but as a MD native, I love our state flag...and those helmets. Kevin Plank = wannabe Phil Knight

  6. ESPN (and the ACC) have the right to renegotiate after any/every membership change.

    But please know that the money ESPN is giving the ACC is not going to decrease by losing Maryland. B'more/DC markets be damned.

    1. I guess we wait and see. On the surface losing Maryland doesn't hurt from a football point of view, but they are a charter member of the conference. The fact that they are willing to walk away speaks volumes to me.