November 15, 2012

Wahooze Pix - Week Twelve

Last Week
Adam - 5 (of 9)
Pierce - 4
Kendall - 4
Mike - 4

Pierce - 56

Guests - 56
Mike - 55

Kendall - 54

Two weeks in a row, we've all lost to our super intelligent guests. Bravo guests, we know nothing. The guests are also tied for the season standings lead, so I guess Leah and Adam get to take over the blog if they end up winning the whole thing. 

This week's game include tonight's matchup on ESPN between the Hoos and the Heels, and VPI (winless on the road this season) going up to Boston College. Both teams are playing to keep their bowl hopes alive. If both win, the Commonwealth Cup will also be the right to play in some shitty town in a bowl I've never heard of! Go Hoos!

Guest intro comes from Kendall this week: One of the best things about this football season has been tailgating with and getting to know Adam.  He started out as my brother's friend, but now I can safely say he's my friend too.  Thanks for being a guest picker for us, Adam, and thanks for reading the blog.  Also, thanks for the beers and whiskey this season.  It was a BLAST! [Ed. note: Give us whiskey and you get to be the guest picker.]

UNC -3.5 @ UVA
Heels: Kendall, Mike
Hoos: Pierce, Adam

Kendall: I pick against the Hoos because it's been good luck for them when I do so.  Also - and this pains me to say - I don't see us being able to contain Gio Bernard.

Mike: Didn't like how many big plays we gave up. Gio Bernard is much better than duke Johnson too. I am officially worried.

Pierce: Fuck it, we're going to win x 3

Adam:  Bernard puts up video game numbers, but the Hoos continue their November magic.

Duke @ GT (-13)
Devils: Adam, Mike
Al Groh Sucks: Kendall, Pierce

Kendall: The Wreck needs this win for bowl eligibility, and I betcha they come out really fired up and smoke Duke.

Mike: I actually know a Duke football fan now. It's like finding a rare white elk. I think the devils can hang.

Pierce: GT has found it's offense, but still has no defense. Duke doesn't have the athletes like other teams - even if Duke scores 40, tech will score 60.

Adam:  Devils have had a bye week to prep for the triple option, will keep it close in Hotlanta.

VT (-9) @ BC
Turkeys: Kendall, Adam
Jesuits: Pierce, Mike

Kendall: Yeahbuddy.

Mike: Gimmie that upset.

Pierce: On the road against a terrible team...Tech wins, but not by 10. 

Adam:  Nobody rallies the wagons like Pud and Slappy. Sets up "Battle for .500" in Blacksburg on November 24th.

USF @ Miami (-6.5)
Bulls: No one.
Canes: Everyone.

Kendall: Canes ride Duke Johnson hard, and put him away wet.

Mike: Getting players back on d. Don't think last week will be too demoralizing.

Pierce: Spread is oddly low...I guess because Miami can't play defense.

Adam: Duke Johnson will be a thorn in our ass the next 2 years. If the U survives sanctions part deux...

FSU (-31) @ MD
Noles: Everyone
Garbage: No one

Kendall: Tomahawk Chop to oblivion.

Mike: Noles need style points. Sorry turtles.

Pierce: There's nothing stopping FSU from winning by 50.

Adam:  I just feel so terrible for the Terps and their 12th string QB. LOLZ

NCSU @ Clemson (-17.5)
Pack: Pierce, Adam
Paws: Kendall, Mike

Kendall:  Big spread, but the Tiggers have gathered a full head of steam and are in hot pursuit of an at-large BCS bid.

Mike: NC State can't let Clemson get out ahead. Unfortunately they let everyone get out ahead

Pierce: Spread is way too high, to me.

Adam: Trap game for the Tiger Paws before their showdown against South Carolina.

Wake @ ND (-24)
Deacs: Mike, Adam
Domes: Kendall, Pierce

Kendall: Wake is horrendous.  Just absolutely horrendous.How the hell did we lose to them?

Mike: Wake will cover. Notre dame not built for the blowout.

Pierce: If NCSU can beat wake by 31, Notre Dame can win by 25.

Adam: Will be a typical Notre Dame game against an inferior opponent this year: Irish win in a slop fest. 

OSU @ Wisc (-2.5)
Buckeyes: Mike, Pierce, Adam
Badgers: Kendall

Kendall: Screw Urban Meyer, and get bent Ohio State.

Mike: I hope for irony's sake the is Urban's only good season.

Pierce: Not sure why Wisconsin is favored here.

Adam: Urban Meyer must curse Terelle Pryor's name daily for ruining another shot at a natty.

Stanford @ Oregon (-21.5)
Cardinal: Pierce, Mike, Adam
Duck: Kendall

Kendall: The Ducks are going to win the national championship and send Chip Kelly off into the sunset.

Mike: Weird tree>weird uniforms

Pierce: Standford should keep it close.

Adam: Love Stanford's style of football, will grind the clock and keep Oregon's O off the field.

Tenn @ Vandy (-4)
Vols: Kendall
Dores: Mike, Pierce, Adam

Kendall: No real reason, other than a gut feeling.

Mike: Still love you Derek. You can even keep those pants if you come.

Pierce: Vandy runs up the score, just cuz.

Adam: Vols mailed it in a few weeks ago.

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