November 8, 2012

Wahooze Pix - Week Eleven

Last Week
Leah - 7 (of 8)
Pierce - 6
Mike - 5
Kendall - 4

Pierce - 52
Mike - 51

Guests - 51
Kendall - 50

Good week for everyone not named Kendall, with (predictably) Leah beating all of us. Betting on Maryland kept her from flawless victory and secured my rightful spot alone atop the standings. Ew, can you imagine if I were tied with our guests? Or, heaven forbid, below them? I shudder at the thought.

This week, the ACC matchups are actually way more interesting than anything out of conference. If the Hokies lose, then UVA will have a good shot of playing to keep them out of a bowl game. Hilarious, but sad that that could be our best goal for the end of the year. Though we're alive if we take care of Miami...Mike's got this week's guest:

This week's guest is Adam Stoffel. Adam was my roommate for 2 years, including one in a very nice jail cell call the Dillard dorms. Adam played quarterback at his high school in Wisconsin and at Case-Western for a year before transferring into UVA, and has taught me a good bit about football. However the most important lesson he taught me was how to dominate a cornhole board, which Pierce and I hopefully will regain our swagger at for the upcoming tailgate. Adam's a smart kid, so I'm hoping he fares pretty well at this, otherwise I'll be questioning everything I know.

We usually ask our guests to pose shirtless, but they rarely comply

FSU (-13.5) @ VT
Noles: Mike, Pierce, Adam
Hahaha, god you're awful, Turkeys: Kendall

Kendall: Blacksburg on a Thursday night.  They never lose those games.  They'll lose this one, but they'll cover this spread.

Mike: By all means pile it on.

Pierce: This isn't just wishful thinking, the wheels have fallen off. Big time. Rats. Sinking ships. Other metaphors, as well.

Adam: In the words of a great guest colleague of mine, Leah - "because Tech sucks"

MD @ Clemson (-31)
Stefon Diggs: Kendall
Tigers: Mike, Pierce, Adam

Kendall: 31 is a huge spread.  Gotta think the Tiggers will stop bouncing once they get so far ahead.

Mike: Not having a QB is going to make this one tough

Pierce: On the road, Clemson beat Duke, who has an offense, by 36. Jesus.

Adam: Can't cut it w/o a qb.

Wake @ NCSU (-9.5)
Deacs: no one
O'briens: everyone

Kendall: I like to think we beat a quality team in Raleigh.

Mike: They'll bounce back. I firmly believe we are better than Wake is.

Pierce: Wake is really bad. NCSU looked really bad last week. Spread is too high, but since I have to choose, Pack covers.

Adam: I'd be real pissed if I lost to us - they're taking that anger out on Wake

Miami (-1) @ UVA
Canes: Kendall, Mike, Adam
Hoos: Pierce

Kendall: I am picking against us only because it was good luck for the team when I did it last week.  But I think we can win this game.  And if we do...  Things could get exciting down the stretch.  Our D needs to come ready to generate more turnovers on Saturday.

Mike: Tiny point spread makes this even harder for me to pick.

Pierce: Fuck it, we're going to win, round 2.

Adam: How can anyone trust UVa enough to actually bet money on it, while only getting 1 point?  I don't gamble, but this line is silly.

GT @ UNC (-9)
Al Groh Sucks: Adam
Carolina Sucks: Kendall, Mike, Pierce

Kendall: Georgia Tech is pure garbage.

Mike: GT can't keep up.

Pierce: God, the ACC sucks. GT can't defend. UNC at home should find enough deep to run it up.

Adam: UNC is looking ahead to the Thursday night match-up next week

Notre Dame (-18.5) @ BC
Domers: Kendall, Mike, Pierce
Eagles: Adam

Kendall:  I think the Dame flexes nuts here, after the close shave against Pitt.

Mike: Irish won't leave a doubt this time.

Pierce: Big spread. Terrible home team. ACC! ACC!

Adam: Brother went to BC - It always struck me how much BC cares about this game (and has been the victor ), while ND cares much less.  ND is only winning this one by 2 tds.

Texas A&M @ Alabama (-13.5)  
Aggies: No one
Bama: Everyone

Kendall: A&M will score, but Bama pulls away late.

Mike: RS Freshman QB in Tuscaloosa? Yeah right.

Pierce: ESPN would like you to think A&M has a chance here. They don't.

Adam:  Alabama's good

Penn St @ Nebraska (-7)
Lions: No one
Corn: Everyone

Kendall: Hey State Penn, stay the F away from our Malcolm Cook.  He's ours.

Mike: Penn State still sucks

Pierce: Home team + being better at football = winning by more than a TD.

Adam: F@#!ing Ficken will mess it up 

Mizzou @ Tennessee (-3.5)
Tigers: Kendall, Mike, Adam
Vols: Pierce

Kendall: Sorry Derek Dooley, but it just ain't happening for you in Knoxville.

Mike: Tennessee looked bad against Troy last week. Troy sucks. You do the math.

Pierce: Alright. It's come to Jesus time, Derek. Eventually you've got to win a football game. Yeah, you're going to get fired regardless, but Mizzou? Seriously? They made celebration tshirts when they beat Kentucky. I know Tennessee wants no part of relating to Kentucky. 

Adam: Upset special

I'm prepared to be Obama Smug when we win


  1. Wait wait wait wait wait: did they really start doubling up Dillard rooms!?

  2. Haha no thank god. They are still 9x7 singles. They did however remodel them the year after we left making them like a nice white collar vacation prison instead of a federal pound me in the ass prison.

  3. Phew. Great place to have a girlfriend live, though. "So, uh, all the space in this room is bed...what shall we do?"