November 1, 2012

Wahooze Pix - Week Ten

Last Week
Kendall - 6 (out of 8)
Jeffrey - 5
Mike - 4
Pierce - 3 (Jesus Christ, not only did I lose to a 4-year old, I even lost to Kendall)


Pierce - 46
Mike - 46
Kendall - 46
Guests - 44

Well, that's amusing. Week 10 starts and we're all square (well, except for our guests, who can blame HOOSINSC for their last place standing). Unfortunately for the three of us, this week's guest is a noted expert prognosticator of sports, my lovely girlfriend, Leah.

Despite her JMU roots, I think I've indoctrinated Leah heavily into UVA fandom. Which, unfortunately for her, is more tragic than good. When she's not listening to me rant about a 2-6 football team, Leah spends her time with Colby (our dog) and doing handy things that I can't do, like changing her car's oil and repairing/renovating our house. Additionally, she beat me in fantasy football this year and is way ahead of me in Wahooze pickem. So there's that.

Leah and Colby (who apparently is God of Thunder)

VT (-2.5) @ Miami 
Rednecks from the Commonwealth: Kendall
Rednecks from Florida: Mike, Pierce, Leah

Kendall: The Hokies fixed EVERYTHING during the bye week.

Mike: Miami has the potential to score a ton here. Please?

Pierce: Canes at home...not that there's an advantage there, but I'll still take those points

Leah: because Tech sucks. 

BC @ Wake (-3.5)  
Eagles: No one
Deacons: Everyone

Kendall: These teams are both almost as bad as UVA.

Mike: BC is not allowed to be better than us.

Pierce: The middle/lower chunk of the ACC is just so so bad. I'll take the Deacs at home to cover, but really either of these teams could screw it up. Let's assume they both try.

Leah: I've just got a feeling about this one. 

GT (-7) @ Maryland 
Al Groh Sucks: Kendall, Mike, Pierce
Maryland Sucks: Leah

Kendall: The Terps have a rookie linebacker starting at quarterback now.  True story.

Mike: Maryland is starting a linebacker at QB. If GT can't cover this, Paul Johnson is getting fired.

Pierce: There's no possible way this game stays close, right? Barring that little shithead Diggs scoring on four kick returns, the jackets should win this easily.

Leah: Aww fuck. I can't believe I'm choosing Maryland. 

Clemson (-14) @ Duke 
Tigers: Everyone
Devils: No one

Kendall: Welcome to the big time, Duke.  I suspect Clemson will roll your ass up and smoke it like a cigarette, just like FSU did.

Mike: Enjoy your continuing fall back to earth, douches.

Pierce: That's a lot of points to give the home team, but Duke's been playing like the old Duke recently.

Leah:  I don't know about that spread, but Duke is really bad, right? I'd love for Clemson to keep winning and get their hopes up for the Carolina game, only to be crushed. 

UVA @ NCSU (-11) 
Hoos: Pierce, Leah
Wolfpack: Kendall, Mike

Kendall: Screw our team.

Mike: Prove me wrong. I'd also like to parlay this with the over for F-Bombs from Kendall, no matter what that number is.

Pierce: Fuck it. We're going to win.

Leah: Because I want Pierce to continue speaking to me. 

Bama (-10) @ LSU
Tide: Kendall, Pierce, Mike
Tigers: Leah

Kendall: Bayou Bengals will hang, Tide rolls late.

Mike: A.J. McCarron's Heisman campaign gets a huge boost.

Pierce: Bama's that good.

Leah: Because Alabama can suck it. 

Oregon (-7.5) @ USC 
Ducks: Everyone
Trojans: No one

Kendall: Here's a "come to Jesus" game for Lane Kiffin.

Mike: There should be a minimum 10 point spread in all Oregon games. USC has no depth, not good.

Pierce: I don't watch much Pac10 football, because I live on the correct side of the country. I'll assume Oregon is as good as ESPN says they are and the only reason USC gets notice is because of what Pete Carroll accomplished and that their current coach is a twatbag.

Leah:  I like ducks. 

Texas A&M (-7) @ Mississippi St
Aggies: Leah
Bulldogs: Kendall, Mike, Pierce

Kendall: I like this MissSt. team as home 'dogs to the enigmatic TAMU squad.  I'd take this one to Vegas.

Mike: Love the Bulldogs. Minus getting their lunch money stolen by Alabama they have been awesome. 

Pierce: Home team beats the spread at a minimum.

Leah: SEC! SEC! SEC! 

Welp, Leah can prove she's smarter than me (and Kendall/Mike) and take the lead for the guests this week. We shall see...


  1. VT and UVA games are the only ones we differ on fellas. This is not going to do much for separation.