November 27, 2012

Scapegoating: The Running Game

Our shitty running game seems to be the thing that Mike London is scapegoating as we trundle off into the offseason abyss.

Check it out:
With season over, Virginia Coach Mike London laments run game struggles

[Running Backs Coach] Mike Faragalli is already out, and rumors are thick that [Offensive Line Coach] Scott Wachenheim is soon to follow.  I'm looking to see a hire geared more toward "Running Game Coordinator," like a lot of schools are doing these days.  Makes sense.  Our running game did suck this season, and I'm sure London wants running the football to be the overriding theme of the offense.

Of course, I could also stand to see a little scapegoating on special teams.  Dex needs to be relieved of his duties, like, yesterday.  Really, it needed to happen midseason.  I wonder if London has the gumption or chops to step in as the Special Teams Coordinator ala Frank Beamer during the rise of Beamerball?

Meanwhile, it appears likely that Marques "Biscuit" Hagans will be offered a full-time spot on the staff, after he served as the graduate assistant de facto Wide Receivers Coach.  I'm not sure I'm super-psyched about another ex-player and UVA great (much more difficult to fire if/when you need to) taking over a paid position, especially on offense, and especially given Biscuit's lack of experience as a coach.  Yikes.

Well, we wanted changes.  Here they come.  Anything beats the status quo, I suppose.

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  1. Kendall... I have to admit that I don't know a lot about either Faragali or or Wachenheim. if they truly poor coaches than by all means get rid of them.
    My first thought was this was a move to create room for Poindexter to move to an area where he has miniaml impact for X's and O's in order to keep perceived recruiting prowess. VT has gotten burned by Curt Newsome, who can't coach at all and his recruiting is not what we thought it would be. I have a new rule that a coaching should never be based on recruiting either short or long term. Thoughts?