November 24, 2012

Wahooze Pix - Week Thirteen

Last Week
Mike: 7 (out of 10)
Pierce: 7
Kendall: 5
Adam: 4

Pierce - 63

Mike - 62
Guests - 60
Kendall - 59

Last week 

Good morning Wahooze lovers. Welcome to rivalry week - and the Hoos last game of this disappointing football season. Luckily for everyone, this wont be the last week of Wahooze Pix - we've got you covered through the championships and bowls. So everything is still very much in the air - anyone can win (even Kendall). 

This week's games include some great rivalries (and BC v NCSU). Will the ACC show up against their SEC foes? Will the Wahoos win in Blacksburg for the first time since...1998? Will someone light Maryland's bus on fire? We can all only hope.

This week's guest is one of my oldest friends: Garrett. You can find him at Hoos basketball games trying to discover the next Sammy Zeglinski or arguing the unpopular opinions on a certain UVA message board. For his safety, I'll leave out his username. Garrett has been going to UVA games as long as he's been alive - we'll see if his picks can help the Guests overtake the overall standings. Also, G's not one for clever commentary, so we'll just have his picks below:
And this dashing headshot

Vandy (-12.5) @ Wake
Dores: Mike, Pierce, Garrett
Deacs: Kendall

Kendall: Vanderbilt is the better team, but I believe we'll see some fight from Wake as they try to get bowl eligible.

Mike: Wake looked bad vs. Notre Dame. I'm embarrassed we lost to them.

Pierce: Vandy is a better team than Wake is a desperate one.

GT @ UGA (-13)
Al Groh Sucks: No one
Uga: Everyone

Kendall: Easiest pick of the Millennium.

Mike: This won't be a game. Neither will the ACC Championship

Pierce: Dawgs roll, easy. Ladies and Gentlemen - your costal division champion!

UMD @ UNC (-24)
Garbage: Garrett
Heels: Kendall, Mike, Pierce

Kendall: Enjoy them, B1G.  We won't miss them one iota.

Mike: Maryland needs the season to end. ASAP.

Pierce: Ridiculous spread, but I'm not picking the Horseshit team from the north. 

UVA @ VT (-10.5)
Hoos: Mike, Pierce, Garrett
Turkeys: Kendall

Kendall: The Hokies just have that weird edge over us that this year's team isn't ready to overcome.

Mike: Kiss of death. Too many points. Logan Thomas will miss at least this many based on his inability to pass.

Pierce: Too many points in Phil Sims plays the majority. I think the Hoos hang it all out, at least keep it close. 

Miami (-5.5) @ Duke
Canes: Mike, Pierce
Blue Devils: Kendall, Garrett

Kendall:  Self-banning has to be deflating for the team.

Mike: Put Duke in their place.

Pierce: Miami easy.

BC @ NCSU (-14)
Eagles: Garrett
Pack: Kendall, Mike, Pierce

Kendall:  State will be looking to finish the season strong.

Mike: Spaz is the worst coach in America. Rolled over for VT last weekend.  I hope the players mail this in.

Pierce: Big spread for an inconsistent team, but BC sucks.

Fla @ FSU (tossup)
Gators:  Pierce, Garrett
Noles: Kendall, Mike

Kendall:  I still have faith in FSU, and I always pull for them in this game because I effing hate Florida.

Mike: FSU's drive to the national championship needs a huge statement win here. FSU will try and run up the score.

Pierce: Florida is going to win, sorry ACC.

USC @ Clemson (-4)
Cocks: Mike, Garrett
Dabos: Kendall, Pierce

Kendall:  I like the Tigers at home, but really this one could go either way.

Mike: Clemson in a big spot? That's what I thought.

Pierce: Clemson reps for the ACC here, I think. Haven't heard much from the Cocks since Lattimore went down. Clowney is still my Heisman vote.

Michigan @ OSU (-4.5)
Blue: Garrett
Buckeyes: Kendall, Mike, Pierce

Kendall:  I don't really know (or care) about this game, but I can't wait to watch these two teams stomping mudholes in Maryland.

Mike: I'll enjoy OSU being the only undefeated team this season.

Pierce: OSU wins big here. Remember all that preseason Michigan hype? Haha.

Miss St @ Ole Miss (-1)
Bulldogs: Pierce
Rebels: Kendall, Mike, Garrett

Kendall:  I'm always kinda feelin' the Rebs.

Mike: Love the Rebs

Pierce: Aw shit the Egg bowl. I like the Bulldogs here. 

Stanford (1.5) @ UCLA
Cardinal: Kendall, Pierce, Garrett
Bruins: Mike

Kendall: They'll come down off the cloud hard, but I still think the Cardinal have enough to top UCLA.

Mike: Boom. UCLA is much better than I thought.

Pierce: Stanford's legit, plus if UCLA wins this game, they have to play Oregon in the conference championship. If they lose, they get a rematch with the Cardinal. Time to scout all their plays and give away the result. 


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