November 3, 2012

Well, That's More Like It

Hoos 33, Wolfpack 6

Thoughts and such:

- Totally called it. Check this week's picks.

- In no way, shape, or form do I support a QB shuffling, but it worked today. I'm happy it worked, but really don't see how it's a feasible system for us.

- Both backs looked great today, which definitely speaks to the improvement along the o-line.

- Turnovers! Finally!

- The young guns on D all came to play. Canaday and Ant Harris were all over the place, DaDa played great, Mike Moore got his first career sack, and Eli Harold was all over the backfield all day long.

- Jennings had a couple drops, Rocco had a few poor throws, but elsewise, obviously a fantastic day for the offense.

- I love how animated Jake McGee is on the field.

- Hoos excited to watch this defense in '13 and '14? Quin Blanding, come on down.

- Miami might actually be the toughest remaining game. How ridiculous is that? Let's hope for a good starting time.

- Winning is so much more fun than losing.

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