December 1, 2012

Rock & Roll

Whelp.  Can't say it was totally unexpected, but it still strikes me as a little bit depressing.

According to Doug Doughty's Tweets, Mike Rocco is transferring away from UVA for his last year of college football eligibility.

He had his limitations, but I really liked Mike Rocco.  Best of luck to him in his ongoing adventures.

Rock: 4,731 passing yards and 27 TDs as a Wahoo.

I'll always remember the game-winning drives he orchestrated against Florida State, Penn State, and Miami.  Rock, as far as I'm concerned, you'll always be a Hoo.

Now, it's time for Phillip Sims to step up and take charge of this team, or, failing that, Greyson Lambert or David Watford to offer up a stern challenge.

1 comment:

  1. I think Rock saw the writing on the wall. But unfortunately that writing may have been coming from Lazor golden child Greyson Lambert rather than Phillip Sims. I find it hard to believe this group can actually pick a qb and stick with it. Rock may have thought lambert would cut into his snaps as part of the 5 qb system we were going to run. Prove me wrong, but I'm not expecting much.