December 30, 2012

Predictions for 2013

Yesterday, I depressed everyone with the Good Riddance, 2012 post.  The point of that post was to illustrate just how crappy this year has been, while at the same time setting the stage for a little bit of optimism for 2013.


Here we go...

Prediction #1 -- We finally get lucky with the basketball injury bug.  Bub comes back healthy for the UNC game, and the foot problem doesn't flare up again.  Everyone else of importance stays more or less at 100%.

Prediction #2 -- We make a home run hire at defensive coordinator.  Or at least a stand-up triple.  Jon Tenuta fits the bill, in my opinion... but we'll see how things go, probably this week.

Prediction #3 -- The 2013 recruiting class avoids further attrition, and we actually manage to add another darkhorse recruit along the offensive line and at linebacker, where numbers are currently required.

Prediction #4 -- We get - and stay - on the NCAA Tournament bubble during ACC play.  We end up either barely in the tournament or barely out of it.  If we're in, we give our first-round opponent a scare, and if we're out, we advance deep into the NIT.  Hoofans everywhere deem the season a success.

Prediction #5 -- The baseball team does amazing things en route to a national seed for the NCAA Tournament.  We host a regional and dominate, and we go to the Super Regional... my crystal ball is murky about what happens then (it's way to pollyanna to predict a trip to Omaha).

Prediction #6 -- Lacrosse Final Four.  Book it.

Prediction #7 -- Phillip Sims takes the reins and enters the 2013 season as the unquestioned starter.  Praise Jesus.

Prediction #8 -- We go 6-6 or 7-5... or maybe even 8-4, and make it to a bowl game.  Mike London jumps off the hot seat, and Hoofans settle in for an era of sustained success, as defined by some number of consecutive seasons of 7+ wins.  That's magnificently Welshian, I say.

Prediction #9 -- We land Quin Blanding in the 2014 recruiting class.  That sets off a chain reaction of commitments that stack up to form one of best recruiting classes ever, maybe just outside the national top-15.

Prediction #10 -- At least six of the above predictions do not come true.  Sorry, I've grown bitter and cynical in my old age.  If I had to wager real-life money on the three that do come true, I'd say #2, #4, and #8 are the best bets.  #3, #5, and #9 are the next-best bets.

In any case, 2013 figures to be better than 2012, because 2012 straight-up SUCKED.



  1. 2013 > 2012. At least math is on our side.

  2. Baseball is due for their biannual trip to Omaha. Plus they are stacked.