December 7, 2012

East/West College Bowl



  2. Thanks Nathan.

    I hate Doug Doughty. He makes my skin crawl with his constant anti-UVA slant. Of course, he writes for the Roanoke Times, so he has to apease those mouth-breathing Hokies that dominate the area.

    As for our defense, here are some national rankings...
    98th (out of 124) in sacks with 17.
    117th in INTs with just 4.
    69th in points allowed with 29.8 ppg.
    76th in opponent red zone scoring % with 83.33%.
    112th in takeaways per game with just 1.1.

    The opponent yards per game (32nd, 361.3 ypg) and 3rd down % (13th, 31.71%) were very good, but this defense only ever did enough to maybe keep us in games. It didn't help out the struggling offense with game-changing plays.

    We can't keep moving forward with bad special teams, sputtering offense, and mediocre defense. We have to find an area that we can develop into a strength. Mike London is a defensive coach, defense needs to be our calling card, it needs to be our identity. It didn't seem like that was going to happen under Reid.

    So let's try to relax and see who we bring in with all of this money we're reportedly ready to throw around.

    Wahooze post dealing with the coaching turnover coming soon...