December 12, 2012

Visions of Sugarplums

Kids aren't the only people allowed to dream during the holidays right? There are dreams I have for the talent UVA can put on the field in the future. I've never sat down and written what my dream roster includes, but it's about time I did so. These are my dream units. This is the possibility of how our roster will look in 2015, which I will consider the Hoos' coming out party on the national stage.  Let's take a peek.

2015 Secondary:
CB: Tim Harris (RSo/Jr)
SS: Malcom Cook (RSo/Jr)
FS: Quin Blanding (So)
CB: Maurice Canady (Sr)
Nickel: Kirk Garner (RSo/Jr)

This unit has the potential to be loaded. Two corners at 6-2, and two ball hawking hard hitting safeties. This is even after Tra Nicholson leaves. No one is going to be able to throw on this unit. No one.

2015 Defensive Line
DE: Eli Harold (Sr)
DT: Tyrell Chavis (RSo/Jr)
DT: David Dean (RSr)
DE: Mike Moore (Sr)
DT: Donta Wilkins (RSo/Jr)
DT: Andrew Brown (RFr)
DE: Courtnye Wynn (RJr)
DT: Derrick Nnadi (RFr)
DE: Trent Corney (Sr)

This unit also looks very good. And very deep. Playable depth is something this program has been lacking for quite some time. We could easily see a nine-man rotation, and will be monstrous on the goal line. Andrew Brown also has the ability to slide out to end to bring in a heavy package, that can also get after the QB.

2015 Linebackers
OLB: Micah Kiser (RSo/Jr)
MLB: Kwontie Moore (SR)
OLB: Demetrie Brim (SR)

Our struggles next year will get turned on its head in one of our most veteran units in 2015. This is a long and athletic group that can run and hit and dominate the game. Kwontie Moore will be the leader of this defense after learning from Steve Greer this past season. This will be the very strong backbone of what should be a nasty defense. And this is not a unit that will fall off after the next season. With plenty of playable depth at each position the linebackers could grow into a strength of the team.

2015 O-Line
LT-Jay Whitmere (RSr)
LG-Ryan Doull (RJr)
C-Ross Burbank (Sr)
RG-Brad Henson (RSo)
RT-Mike Mooney (RJr)

Barring Andre Miles-Redmond moving back to guard (a move I think should happen) the Hoos will be returning a veteran unit that should be an extremely solid foundation to build an offense around. Playable depth is also abound on this unit with guys like Jack McDonald, Sadiq Olanrewaju, and Sean Karl pushing for PT. Regardless of who starts, it will be a very talented unit that has competed hard in practice to get on the field. The woes of this season will not be around much longer.

2015 Skill Positions
QB: Greyson Lambert (RJr.)
RB: Taquan "Smoke" Mizzell (Jr)
WR1: Canaan Severin (Sr)
WR2: Adrian Gamble (Sr)
WR3: Jamil Kamara (So)
TE: Chris Laye (RFr)

This offense will turn into an ace back based, pass happy offense. I think the standard three-wide with a TE and one dynamic back will become our go-to set. This has the potential to be explosive. This will hopefully be Lambert's first season starting after a successful Philip Sims campaign, but it will be his 4th in the program. He will know the offense inside and out. Couple that with having a literal stable of talented receivers to throw to and you have an explosive offense.

BONUS: Goal Line
WR1: Keeon Johnson 6-3 200
WR2: Canaan Severin 6-2 210
WR3: Mario Nixon 6-4 215
TE: Chris Laye 6-5 240

Go ahead and stop that.

This is the team that will bring UVA back. Explosive offense, nasty defense. With the right hires this is the team that will catapult us back onto the national stage. Very deep, very talented. If Mike London shows glimpses this year of being able to lead this program in the right direction (which is at least 7 wins including beating Tech at home) then we will have one hell of a program on our hands. If not, someone will be handed the keys to a program ready to explode. If I were you Mike London, I would learn how to manage a game, and really think about who you are hiring at DC, because this will define your career at Virginia. If all this comes to fruition, look out.


  1. So many things have to go right with the sugarplums for this to happen, but how great would that be?!. I just hope it doesn't turn into the nutcracker that basketball(m) was about 15 years ago with it's projected starting lineup full of high school All-Americans:

    PG Courtney Alexander
    SG Curtis Staples
    SF Willie Dersch
    PF Norman Nolan
    C Melvin Whitaker

  2. I agree with the defensive optimism, but why does the offensive line in 2015 have you dancing in the streets? Whitmire has receive a great deal of written acclaim, but his short stint on the field this year was less than impressive. Doull, Burbank, and Mooney?

    I see a storm coming on the OL, due to a lack of attention on that area in recruiting.

    1. While I agree with the need to add more lineman I have faith in Wach to get the best out of these guys. I'm hoping that competition pushes them to be good. Since scouting OL is such a crapshoot I'm not 100% on the names, but given the praise we've heard given to Wach as a coach, I'm comfortable assuming these guys will do well. Competition breeds success in my book.