December 15, 2012

Wahooze Pix - Bowl Game Finale

Last Week
Doug: 3 (out of 7)
Pierce: 2
Kendall: 2
Mike: 2

Pierce - 73

Mike - 72
Guests - 71
Kendall - 66

Terrible week for everyone last time around. We managed to make our Hokie guest look bad, but better than all three of us.  This week is the final great equalizer – your heroes at Wahooze are prognosticating EVERY bowl game, even boring ones that don’t matter like the Russell Athletic Bowl. Basically, the season standings mean little…whoever picks the bowls the best should win the season competition. Considering there are 6 dozen meaningless bowl games, anyone could win.

Now, we here at Wahooze never shy away from a challenge. For our end of the year blow out, we’re all risking the indignity of losing to the guest pickers (like Kendall already is) by bringing on a surprise celebrity expert to pick against us. The guest: Jamie Oakes, UVA recruiting super guru, lord commander of Wahoos247, and established expert of college football and fine microbrews.


Jamie’s picks are unfortunately without witty commentary, but Mike, K, and I have got you covered.  Stay tuned to this post for the riveting conclusion to our Pix season – we’ll crunch some numbers and announce the winner in a later post.

Gildan New Mexico Bowl, Sat., Dec. 15, 1:00 p.m. EST, ESPN
Nevada vs. Arizona (-9.5)
Wolfpack: Kendall, Mike, Pierce
Wildcats: JO

Kendall: I like this game a lot, actually.  Nice little regional draw.  Zona's been a fun team to follow this season (RichRod is still an a-hole, though the guy can coach these teams with lower expectations.)  I expect a close game.  Nevada to cover, Arizona to win.

Mike: Everybody have their 3D TV’s ready for this? As much as I like Ka’Deem Carey I can’t see a blowout here, though I can see a ton of points. This game might actually be pretty good.

Pierce: Nevada should beat this spread easily. Pistol offense v RichRod defense.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, Sat., Dec. 15, 4:30 p.m. EST, ESPN
Toledo vs. Utah State (-10) 
Toldeo: No one
Utah St: Everyone

Kendall: Utah State is a popular pick of mine for NCAA Football dynasty mode.  They have a sick-nasty defense this season.  Love the Aggies.

Mike: I actually watched a Toledo game this year. They did not impress me.

Pierce: 10 points is a lot, but from what little I know about Toledo this year, they’re not very good.

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, Thur., Dec. 20, 8:00 p.m. EST, ESPN
BYU (-2.5) vs. San Diego State 
Cougars: Pierce
Aztecs: Mike, Kendall, JO

Kendall: BYU's fits and starts this season don't give me much confidence in them as a favorite in a bowl game against a capable opponent.

Mike: Home game for SDSU. I think they’ll manage to win. This game also on ESPN 3D for no reason.

Pierce: SDSU in a bowl game in San Diego? Eh, BYU is still the better team.

Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl, Fri., Dec. 21, 7:30 p.m. EST, ESPN
UCF (-7) vs. Ball State
Knights: Mike, Kendall
Balls: Pierce, JO

Kendall:  I'm just hoping Ball State looks shitty enough for me to feel confident that we'll beat them next season.

Mike: Nothing.

Pierce: Go…Cardinals?

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, Sat., Dec. 22, Noon EST, ESPN
East Carolina vs. Louisiana-Lafayette (-6) 
Pirates: JO
Cajuns: Mike, Kendall, Pierce

Kendall: This Lafayette team plays fast and loose.  They hit hard.  Play with swagger.  I like them a lot, and am excited to see this game next weekend.  Also Brett Baer is the best kicker in college football.  Heard it here first.

Mike: There will be no defense in this game.

Pierce: Mismatch. LL by a lot.

MAACO Bowl Las Vegas Bowl, Sat., Dec. 22, 3:30 p.m. EST, ESPN
Washington vs. (19)Boise State (-5)
Huskies: Mike, Kendall
Broncos: Pierce, JO

Kendall: Boise ain't typical Boise this season, and Washington does all the blue-collar stuff that wins football games.  Calling the mild upset in Vegas.

Mike: Not sure what to expect from Washington, very sure what to expect from Boise.

Pierce: Boise isn’t all that great – Washington has shown good potential. That said, I’ll take Chris Peterson in a bowl game any day.

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, Mon., Dec. 24, 8:00 p.m. EST, ESPN
Fresno State (-12) vs. SMU
Bulldogs: Mike, JO
Mustangs: Pierce, Kendall

Kendall: I'm a bit of a 'Stangs fan, thanks the June Jones.  So this is a heart pick, not a head pick.  (I make a lot of those.)

Mike: This should just be the “Whoever June Jones is Coaching” Bowl 

Pierce: Huge spread. Taking SMU.

Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, Wed., Dec. 26, 7:30 p.m. EST, ESPN
Western Kentucky (-5.5) vs. Central Michigan 
Hilltoppers: Mike, JO
Chippewas: Kendall, Pierce

Kendall: WKU will suffer from some head coaching change schizophrenia in this game, I suspect.  Too much looking ahead to the Petrino era.

Mike: Bobby Petrino will be hosting official visits for secretaries this weekend. Have to get off to a good start.

Pierce: Chippewas win outright. 

Military Bowl Presented by Northrop Grumman, Thur., Dec. 27, 3:00 p.m. EST, ESPN
San Jose State (-7) vs. Bowling Green
Spartans: Mike, Pierce, JO
Falcons: Kendall

Kendall: *sigh*  These two teams are in a bowl game and we are not.  Turble.

Mike: Nothing

Pierce: Bowling Green is awful. I mean, they lost to the Hokies. Taking San Jose.

Belk Bowl, Thur., Dec. 27, 6:30 p.m. EST, ESPN
Cincinnati (-7.5) vs. Duke
Bearcats: Mike, Pierce
Blue Devils: Kendall, JO

Kendall: Cincy will annihilate Duke, like all fair-to-middling teams should.

Mike: Not sure how Cincinnati will do without Butch Jones

Pierce: Speaking of lost to VT…transitive property says Cats win big.

Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl, Thur., Dec. 27, 9:45 p.m. EST, ESPN
Baylor vs. (17)UCLA (Pick Em)
Bears: Kendall, JO, Pierce
Other kind of Bears: Mike

Kendall: Bruins can't contain that Art Briles offense.

Mike: I think UCLA will be able to stop Baylor, enough.

Pierce: Baylor’s best is much better than UCLA’s best.

AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl, Fri., Dec. 28, 2:00 p.m. EST, ESPN
Ohio vs. Louisiana-Monroe (-7)
Bobcats: Everyone
Warhawks: No one.

Kendall: ULM has been a nice story this season, but Ohio U has the goods to win this sort of battle of the mid-majors.

Mike: Ohio is still good.

Pierce: ULM had a great start to the season, but Ohio is probably the better team. The Warhawk is a truly under appreciated mascot.

Russell Athletic Bowl, Fri., Dec. 28., 5:30 p.m. EST, ESPN
Rutgers vs. Virginia Tech (-2.5)
New Jersey Trash: Mike, Kendall, Pierce
Virginia Trash: JO

Kendall: I can't wait to see the Scarlet Knights roll these turdmongers.

Mike: This one’s for you HNB.

Pierce: I bet VT actually wins this game. I hope they lose by 30. I’ll go with the heart over the head here.

Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas, Fri., Dec. 28, 9:00 p.m. EST, ESPN
Minnesota vs. Texas Tech (-12.5)
Golden Gophers: No one.
Red Raiders: Everyone.

Kendall: God, what an awful, awful game.  I like the Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl better than this shitake mushroom.

Mike: Guns Up. Fired up after getting jobbed by Tubs.

Pierce: Spread is enormous for a reason. Losing their piece of trash coach probably helps the Raiders.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl, Sat., Dec. 29, 11:45 a.m. EST, ESPN
Rice vs. Air Force (-1)
Rice: No one
AF: Everyone.

Kendall: Fugging RICE is in a bowl game and we are not.  Jee-zeus.

Mike: Airplanes>Grains

Pierce: Wow. This is a post season football game? Good God. Shout out to my pops, go Air Force.

New Era Pinstripe Bowl, Sat., Dec. 29, 3:15 EST, ESPN
West Virginia (-4) vs. Syracuse
Neers: Mike, Kendall, JO
Cuse: Pierce

Kendall: I like what the 'Cuse has done this season, but WVU is - for some weird reason - really good in bowl games.

Mike: Maybe they’ll learn defense in the next few weeks?

Pierce: Was there a more overhyped crap team this year than WVU? They’re the Logan Thomas of football teams. That’s a ridiculous metaphor when Thomas himself leads a football team, but I’m sticking with it. Cuse wins.

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, Sat., Dec. 29, 4:00 p.m. EST, ESPN2
Navy vs. Arizona State (-14.5)
Boats: Mike, Kendall
Sun Devils: Pierce, JO

Kendall: Picking Navy for my Grandpa!

Mike: So many points to give.

Pierce: Huge spread. ASU really could blow them out…yeah, I think the Sun Devils actually cover here.

Valero Alamo Bowl, Sat., Dec. 29, 6:45 p.m. EST, ESPN
(23)Texas vs. (13)Oregon State (-2)
Longhorns: Kendall, Pierce, JO
Beavers: Mike

Kendall: Texas... might have a bit of a home field advantage playing in the freaking ALAMO Bowl.

Mike: I wish there was an In-N-Out Bowl

Pierce: OSU isn’t good. Texas isn’t good. I’ll go with roster talent. Texas wins

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, Sat., Dec. 29, 10:15 p.m. EST, ESPN
TCU (-2.5) vs. Michigan State
Frogs: Mike, Pierce
Spartans: Kendall, JO

Kendall: I'm totally gay for Le'Veon Bell. 

Mike: TCU will benefit big time from the extra practice. And then roll.

Pierce: Sparty is another team on my most disappointing list for the season. Somehow they’re bowl eligible. Frogs by a bunch.

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl, Mon., Dec. 31, Noon EST, ESPN
NC State vs. Vanderbilt (-6.5)
Pack: No one
Commodores: Everyone

Kendall: This might be the most top-to-bottom solid Vanderbilt team I can remember.

Mike: No clue which NC State will show up.

Pierce: No coaching staff vs a not awful SEC team in a home game. Dores win big.

Hyundai Sun Bowl, Mon., Dec. 31, 2:00 p.m. EST, CBS
USC (-10) vs. Georgia Tech
Trojans: Everyone
Al Groh Sucks: No one

Kendall: This one is going to get ugly.

Mike: This is going to embarrass the ACC

Pierce: V is for Victory and other Sesame Street lessons from the Trojans.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl, Mon., Dec. 31, 3:30 p.m. EST, ESPN
Iowa State vs. Tulsa (Pick Em)
Cyclones: Kendall
Golden Hurricans: Mike, Pierce, JO

Kendall: I like the Cyclones here for really no good reason, other than the fact my friend Corey is an alum.

Mike: I like the inappropriate team name over the inappropriate mascot.

Pierce: Another snoozer. I’ll go with the mid major.

Chick-fil-A Bowl, Mon., Dec. 31, 7:30 p.m. EST, ESPN
(8)LSU (-4) vs. (14)Clemson
Fightin’ Tigers: Everyone
Pacifist Tigers: No one

Kendall: I'm glad Chad Morris is staying at Clemson.  If we suck in 2013 and Mike London is canned, Morris would be one of my dream picks to replace him.  But this Peach Bowl?  Yeah, Bayou Bengals in a romp.  This is a terrible matchup for Clemson.

Mike: Defense wins. Period.

Pierce: The SEC just is worlds above the ACC. LSU covers. Gator Bowl, Tue., Jan. 1, Noon, ESPN2
Mississippi State (-2) vs. (20)Northwestern
Bulldogs: JO
Wildcats: Mike, Kendall, Pierce

Kendall: Wow, what a weird Gator Bowl matchup.  I guess I like Mississippi State to win, but my gut says Northwestern so let's go with that.

Mike: This is a big win for Northwestern

Pierce: Northwestern is good and we’re not. Le Sigh.

Heart of Dallas Bowl, Tue., Jan. 1, Noon, ESPNU
Purdue vs. Oklahoma State (-16.5)
Boilermakers: No one.
Pokes: Everyone.

Kendall: I can't help myself.  I just love Poke State.

Mike: Poke State beatdown.

Pierce: Purdue is horrid. I can’t believe they’re in a bowl.

Outback Bowl, Tue., Jan. 1, 1:00 p.m. EST, ESPN
(10)South Carolina (-5) vs. (18)Michigan
Cocks: Everyone
Blue: No one

Kendall: Fairly easy pick here.  COCKS!

Mike: Just watch JaDeveon Clowney.

Pierce: Cocks still have the best player in football.

Capital One Bowl, Tue., Jan. 1, 1:00 p.m. EST, ABC
(7)Georgia (-10) vs. (16)Nebraska
Dawgs: Everyone…
Corn: No one.

Kendall: Georgia deserved better than this game.  Will their minds be right to play it?  I'm thinking yes, and I'm thinking they'll want to flex some nuts for America.

Mike: Screw you BCS

Pierce: Nebraska got destroyed last game and UGA almost beat Alabama…why is this a bowl game?

Rose Bowl, Tue., Jan. 1, 5:00 p.m. EST, ESPN
Wisconsin vs. (6)Stanford (-6.5)
Badgers: No one
Cardinal: Everyone

Kendall: I'd take this Stanford pick to Vegas.  6.5?  Are you serious?

Mike: Stanford will out-Wisconsin Wisconsin.

Pierce: Stanford is still that good, Wisconsin isn’t as good as their beatdown of Nebraska suggests.

Discover Orange Bowl, Tue., Jan. 1, 8:30 p.m. EST, ESPN
(15)Northern Illinois vs. (12)Florida State (-13.5)
Huskies?: No one…
Noles: Everyone

Kendall: Please do not blow this, Florida State.  The ACC may never recover from the humiliation if you lose.

Mike: Northern Illinois does not belong. You’ll see why.

Pierce: FSU has to blow them out. Has to.

Allstate Sugar Bowl, Wed., Jan. 2, 8:30 p.m. EST, ESPN
(21)Louisville vs. (3)Florida (-13.5)
Cardinals: Mike, Kendall
Gators: Pierce, JO

Kendall: I'm on a serious pro-Lullville kick right now.  BRIDGEWATER!

Mike: Love Bridgewater, look for an upset.

Pierce: Though Louisville does add a good team to the ACC, Florida should roll here in the BCS spotlight.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Thur., Jan. 3, 8:30 p.m. EST, ESPN
(4)Oregon (-9) vs. (5)Kansas State
Ducks: Everyone
EMAW: No one.

Kendall: Chip Kelly's last game at Oregon?  You know he'll go out in style.

Mike: I don’t think KState can keep up.

Pierce: 9 points isn’t much for Chip Kelly.

AT&T Cotton Bowl, Fri., Jan. 4, 8:00 p.m. EST, FOX
(9)Texas A&M (-4.5) vs. (11)Oklahoma
Aggies: No one
Sooners: Everyone

Kendall: I think winning that Heisman was bad news for Johnny Football. 

Mike: Johnny Manziel plays terrible. Book it.

Pierce: Sooners win outright.

BBVA Compass Bowl, Sat., Jan. 5, 1:00 p.m. EST, ESPN
Pittsburgh vs. Ole Miss (-3.5)
Panthers: Kendall, JO
Rebels: Mike, Pierce

Kendall: Get out there and rep the ACC, guys.

Mike: Rebs will cruise, and then bag the #1 recruit.

Pierce: Blow out city, I think. Rebs win big. Bowl, Sun., Jan. 6, 9:00 p.m. EST, ESPN
Kent State vs. Arkansas State (-4)
Kent St: Mike, Kendall, JO
Ark St: Pierce

Kendall: I just think Kent State is the better team, though all eyes should be glued to Arkansas State's Josh Jarboe.  He's really, really good.

Mike: Kent State is not all that bad. Love Ryan Aplin though.

Pierce: I’ll at least feign some sort of knowledge/familiarity with the teams in every other game – but I’m completely lost with this one. ASU it is.

BCS National Championship, Mon., Jan. 7, 8:30 p.m. EST, ESPN
(1)Notre Dame vs. (2)Alabama (-9.5)
Domers: Wahooze Staff
Bama: Wahoos247 Staff

Kendall: Alabama wins, but that's a really big spread.

Mike: Love the Domers plus the points. This is going to be a close game.

Pierce: For the sake of shaking it up, I’ll take the underdog. Bama should win, but it’d be more amusing if they didn’t. 

Well, there you have it. If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. Looks like our competition will be determined by the meaningless bowls, as we agreed on the majority of the BCS games. Cheers!

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