October 4, 2012

Wahooze Pix - Week Six

Ahoyhoy. Everybody ready for the Sims era?

Last Week
Pierce - 5 (out of 8)
Kendall - 4
Mike - 4
Stephen - 4 

Pierce - 33
Kendall - 29
Mike - 29
Guests - 25

Slowly but surely, I continue to distance myself...I think this week's picks are the most difficult of the season as a group. 

This week's guest picker is Kendall's better half: Becky! I'll let him introduce her:

My wife, the mother of my children, the person I love the most (well, in a three-way tie for the most) in the whole entire world.  She started out as football-tolerant, then became a football lover.  But since the kids were born, she's backslid into football-tolerance mode.  Still, I think there's enough of her football-loving soul rattling around in there for her to make some competent picks.  If not?  Well, consider this my way of sabotaging the guest pickers in their united quest to beat Pierce and myself.  (Mike is obviously a non-factor in this race, as usual.)

Excited to be this week's guest? Damn straight.

BC (-10) @ Army
Jesuits: Everyone.
Black Knights: No one.

Kendall:  I can't top my wife's comment on this one, so I won't even try.  Don't blow it, BC.

Mike: BC hasn't been all that bad this year.

Pierce: Yeah - Army is bad. BC is not that bad. Black Knights is the Greatest of all Time Mascot, though.

Becky:  Army needs to concentrate on being an army.

GT @ Clemson (-10)
Al Groh Sucks: No one
Tigers: Everyone

Kendall:  It does my heart good to hear that there are "GROH MUST GO" chants in Atlanta.  That assbag needs to quit football and work on crawling his way back into our good graces.  (He is, after all, still a Wahoo.)

Mike: GT is reeling. Clemson has to be better than Middle Tennessee.

Pierce: This GT blowout gets more and more embarrassing. MTSU? Good lord. Clemson should show up enough to cover.

Becky:  Did you pay attention at all last week?

UVA @ Duke (-2)
Hoos: Everyone
Devils: No one

Kendall:  I am drinking the kool-aid, and it tastes SIMSATIONAL (and a little bit like Mountain Berry Punch.)

Mike: King Phillip's coronation is a 17+ point beat down of the Blue Devils

Pierce: Consider me the most skeptical of our chances here. Sims has potential...but turnovers could keep our defense from keeping a W in reach. I'll take UVA, but only because it has to happen...right? 

Becky:  If we can't beat Duke by at least 2 points, I'm moving to Durham.

FSU (-14.5) @ NCSU
Wolfpack:...no one...

Kendall: These Seminoles have "that BCS look" to them this season.  State doesn't pose much of a speedbump for this rumbling 16-wheeler.

Mike: Nothing about NC State impresses me so far.

Pierce: This is a tough one. NCSU couldn't stop Tennessee...and they're way worse than FSU...but FSU was slow last week...gut still says FSU blowout.

Becky: The Wolfpack doesn't stand a chance.

VT @ UNC (-3.5)
Assholes to the West: Kendall (finally we disagree!)
Assholes to the South: Mike, Pierce, Becky

Kendall: The Tarholes can do us a solid by twisting the knife in the Hokies' belly here.  Somehow, I just don't feel lucky enough to enjoy another VT loss this weekend.

Mike: Lesser of two evils. Let the tailspin begin

Pierce: The momentum is with the Heels. Usually Tech wins games like this - but usually Tech isn't complete garbage (at football, at least).

Becky: Simply because that's what I want to happen.

Wake @ Maryland (-5.5)
Deacs: Mike, Pierce, Becky
Terps: Kendall

Kendall: The Stefon Diggs highlights have me wistfully wondering what if.

Mike: Still hate you Maryland.

Pierce: 5.5 is a lot for this spread, in my opinion. Gotta go with the superior coaching in the matchup of two inconsistent teams.

Becky: Ugh. Wake and Maryland. Who cares.

Miami @ Notre Dame (-13)
Canes: Mike, Pierce
Irish: Kendall, Becky

Kendall:  I'm now a huge Domer.  I love having that engagement ring on their finger, and wish them only the best as they ramp up toward ACC inclusion.  (By the way, has anyone esle noticed that since last year, the gold helmet is somehow golder?)

Mike: Canes getting hot. They'll keep this close.

Pierce: Screw it. Canes have the speed to score. ND will win - by 6.

Becky: Welcome to the ACC!

Well, there you have it. Not a lot of difference in most of the picks...I think everyone's playing it safe. That will change.

For you, Al. For you. (I know those are honeybees)

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  1. I think my strategy of just picking the same things as pierce will work better than me actually trying to pick games, which I am in fact terrible at.