October 13, 2012

Pink Slips

UVA hit rock bottom today. As Kendall and I sat and watched the last plays of another pitiful effort from the Hoos we came to the realization that we really don't have one thing that we can say is always going to be good. Special Teams was a joke yet again today, coverage was completely useless, and was not helped by a definite lack of pass rush. Sims looked uncomfortable running the offense today, and that staff seemed to handcuff him with the play calling. A major shake up is needed, and here are some suggestions.

Special Teams Coordinator-Derek Dooley
I have long had a fascination with Coach Dooley. He played at Virginia from 1987-1990 and was most importantly the special teams coordinator under Nick Saban from 2003-2005. It's looking like Dooley's seat is on fire it's so hot at Tennessee. If he gets fired I would swallow my pride as a coaching staff and throw all sorts of money at Dooley to come in and become associate head coach and special teams coordinator. Big problem with this? That would mean Anthony Poindexter will need to be moved, and quite honestly he might need to be moved off the staff. I love Dex, the man was a menace on the field and is a great recruiter, but he just hasn't been getting results from the positions he coaches. He needs to go. I'm sorry Dex. The two worst spots on our team are special teams and safety.

Offensive Coordinator-Brian Scott
Brian Scott is the current offensive coordinator at Old Dominion. Here's a quote for his offensive style:

"I am happy to be a part of the rebirth of Old Dominion football. Offensively we will be wide open. We'll look to recruit the top players in the state and let them showcase their ability in front of 20,000 people at Foreman Field. We will run the "spread" offense similar to Florida, and try to create mismatches for our playmakers. We will constantly put pressure on the defense with our up-tempo style of play. Our fans will be excited to watch the style of offense we will play. "

Yes please. Old Dominion set a record for all purpose yards this year. They have scored 57, 45, 70, 64, 45, and 14 points in their games this year. Yes freaking please. But in reality all I want is  someone that doesn't give up on 3rd and 8. I don't know what Bill Lazor is thinking, but his play calling this season has been baffling at times. It's almost comical. The stretch runs do not work. They just don't. Run something else. Also if you don't trust Phillip Sims to throw the ball down field, then keep him on the bench, but if you are going to play him, roll the dice and play to his strengths. If I had to guess I would think Coach Lazor will be heading back to the NFL after this season, and if I were the Hoos, I would throw an ungodly amount of money at Scott to come in and save this program.

I also think Jim Reid might need to be looked at, but I don't know who we would get. The defense is confusing as they seem to play better as the game progresses. I think Reid needs to be given a chance to play with some of these younger and faster kids, but his seat is a little warm as well.

As far as I'm concerned this season is now officially over. It's time to see what we have on the bench, and if it sucks, learn that. I think we need to see what David Watford has. We know Mike Rocco is still a noodle-armed game manager (he threw the ball on the last drive behind Shepherd, both QBs suck everyone. Fact.) Give Watford some reps, because right now, Greyson Lambert should battle Matt Johns to start next year. Let's see what Watford has. Same goes for David Dean at DT. Let's get him some snaps and see what all the hype is about. More rotation on both lines from now on. Something will stick. Move Moses off of tackle. The kid can't play there. Whether it's Whitmire or Kelby Johnson, I don't care. As long as they aren't a matador.

Today was a joke. However I don't think this season should cost Mike London his job. In fact, I'm not certain we are capable of attracting a better coach than Mike London. He is a fabulous recruiter that churns out solid young men. Which is what we need. With some tweaking on the staff I think London can turn this program into something that is both exciting and good to watch. He just needs help. Recruiting to a high flying offense will be easy and most likely successful. And a more consistent special teams product will help us immensely. But for now, let's just have try-outs for next year so we don't have to sit through this again.

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