October 11, 2012

Wahooze Pix - Week Seven

Last week was not really a good one for anybody, but congrats to Becky for beating all three of us!

Last Week
Becky - 4 (out of 7)
Pierce - 3
Mike - 3
Kendall - 2

Pierce - 36
Mike - 32
Kendall - 31
Guests - 29

Week 6 was a bit of a snoozer, while most of us wiffed on the majority of games, there weren't that many to begin with. Therefore, I'm mixing it up from here on out with some bonus games! Bonus games will be picked by me based on what I think are interesting matchups and are worth the same amount of points as every other game. Now that we're well into conference play, this should make up for there being fewer games to pick between.

This week's guest picker is, I believe, my only friend from the great state of New Jersey: Mr. Michael Plagienakosoeszohkos. Mikey P helped me get through grad school by joining me in routinely acting like an undergraduate. Usually we get along great, but Mike's a Yankees fan...so we're on bad terms currently. That being said, he's the nicest guy you'd ever meet and seems to have taken a general interest in ACC football when I post my blog ramblings (he stays for the pictures of kittens and puppies). Cheers to Mike, a great guy whose baseball team I hate with the white hot fury of a thousand suns.

Mike gets two pictures, because he's that complex of a figure
They both really sum him up nicely, though

UNC (-6.5) @ Miami
Heels: Pierce
Canes: Kendall, Mike, Mike P

Kendall: I think UNC is the better team, but Miami is sneaky good, themselves.  Holes 33, Canes 31.

Mike: Should be a shootout. I think the Canes can keep this close, assuming Dorsett has some stick-um.

Pierce: I'm a believer in UNC...I guess...

Mike P: Miami looked God awful last week, but I’m banking on a solid rebound win here.

Maryland @ UVA (-2.5)
Terps: Pierce
Hoos: Kendall, Mike, Mike P

Kendall: The reason Pierce leads the field in Wahooze Pix?  His willingness to pick against the Hoos, like we're doing this for money or something.  In any case, I think we win this game and win it [kinda] big.  Calling it 35-17, HOOS!

Mike: We have to be able to beat Maryland by more than this. Right?

Pierce: Nope. I learned my lesson last week. Maybe the Hoos will win by 1. But they'll probably lose by 14.

Mike P: Despite being from New Jersey, I’m going with UVA, lest I be sacrificed to Thomas Jefferson. There’s some serious false idol worship going on down there.

Duke @ VT (-10)
Blue Devils: Mike, Pierce
Hokies: Kendall, Mike P

Kendall: This is one of those rare times where I'm honestly not going to mind seeing Tech roll to a big W.

Mike: What has this world come to?

Pierce: Good lord I don't want to root for Duke, but I have to. Also Tech sucks, they wont cover.

Mike P: This ain’t March Madness. Gimme Tech by 3 scores.

BC @ FSU (-28)
Eagles: Pierce
Noles: Kendall, Mike, Mike P

Kendall: This is where we see what FSU is made of.  If they lose their edge after that disastrous loss to NC State, then we'll know they are never going to be legit under Jimbo.  I have faith in the Noles, for some weird reason.

Mike: Back on track beat down.

Pierce: Shapes up for a blowout for sure, but this spread is huge. Too big.

Mike P: BC isn’t very good, and FSU is gonna be PISSED going into this game. I’d take FSU giving double those points.

Stanford @ ND (-9)
Cardinal: Mike, Mike P
Irish: Kendall, Pierce

Kendall: Not buying this year's Stanford team, but I am buying Notre Dame.

Mike: Tempted to call a Cardinal upset, but they will at least cover.

Pierce: ND covers. Stanford is pretty good, but ND seems to be dominant.

Mike P: Upset special of the week. The Golden Domes finally drop one against a dangerous Stanford team. Can anyone tell me why Stanford’s mascot is the Cardinal? Not the Cardinals (plural), but a SINGULAR cardinal?

South Carolina @ LSU (-2)
Cocks: Everyone
Tigers: No one is taking the number 2 team in the country.

Kendall: SC is the darkhorse championship contender for this season.  Go Cocks.

Mike: Is -2 the amount of points we think LSU is going to score? JaDeveon Clowney is the perfect example of what a big time in-state kid can do for a program. (Quin Blanding, Andrew Brown, Jamil Kamara, etc...)

Pierce: Go Cocks. Little bald QB is awesome. Clowney should (but won't) win the Heisman. LSU hasn't been special.

Mike P: The Cocks have the #1 draft pick Jadeveon Clowney. These names are hilarious, and this video makes it even better, and a vicious defense. Tough to pick against LSU at home, but I’ll go with the team that has more talent.

Texas @ Oklahoma (-3)
Longhorns: Mike, Mike P
Sooners: Pierce, Kendall

Kendall: I just think Oklahoma is the better-coached team.

Mike: Texas D >>> Oklahoma O

Pierce: Home team. Only reason I think they win, so I'll gamble they win by 7.

Mike P: Texas looked pretty good last week against the coal mining bumpkins and possible Heisman candidate Geno Smith. I’ll take ‘em here.

Louisville (-3) @ Pitt
Cardinals: Everyone
Panthers: No one

Kendall: Only three?  This is free money.

Mike: Charlie Strong is like a good coaching Mike London. BOOM! [Ed Note: That's racist.]

Pierce: Pitt isn't as good as they looked against VT, but I don't think Louisville will be overlooking the road game challenge.

Mike P: Pitt is just bad. I’m going with the CardinalS (plural).

Bonus Game because Eff You Pierce: Syracuse @ Rutgers (-7) 

[Ed Note: No points points will be awarded to Mike for interjecting a bonus pick. Mainly because he's a Yankees fan and he can go straight to Hell with Raul Ibanez.]

Well, now we're bound to have some freaking separation.

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