October 18, 2012

Wahooze Pix - Week Eight

Last week was a great one for everyone not named Pierce. Things are getting more interesting with the addition of the out of conference games...

Last Week

Kendall - 5 (out of 8)
Mike P - 5
Mike - 4
Pierce - 3


Pierce - 39
Mike - 36
Kendall - 36
Guests - 34

I think this week's games are the most difficult we've had all year. Clemson/VT and FSU/Miami are both games that present tricky lines...plus the rivalry games like UNC/Duke and Michigan/MSU are usually a crapshoot betting against the spread. Regardless, there are six weeks left, so this could shake out in any way.

This week's guest picker is Mike's friend Eric Acheson. Mike sez...

Combined with fantasy sports nemesis Tripp Eason, Eric and I managed to make it through our engineering curriculum relatively unscathed. Eric is probably the most avid basketball fan that I know, in fact he only missed one basketball game the entire time we were in school. He actually got his seat retired in the student section at JPJ (complete lie, but would be well deserved). Anyway I would not have made it through college without him and would have also been extremely bored in class. But probably not bored enough to pay attention.

Hey, we're good at Lacrosse!

Wake @ UVA (-4)
Deacs: Mike, Eric
Hoos: Kendall, Pierce

Kendall: It has got to come together at some point.  I refuse to believe we'll finish 2-10 after starting 2-0.  This is the last easily winnable game on our schedule, so it has to happen here.

Mike: I've moved with Pierce to the dark side. We're 0-6-1 against the spread this year.

Pierce: Surprise! I like the Hoos to win comfortably. Look for my angry kittens post on the blog when this doesn't happen.

Eric: With Wake coming off a bye week I see this as a close game.  UVA may win, but Wake beats the spread.

UNC (-10.5) @ Duke
Heels: Kendall, Eric, Pierce
Devils: Mike

Kendall: I think Duke's a fraud, I think Tech exposed that fact in the second half last week, and I think the fact that we lost to them in blowout fashion continues to twist in my belly like a prison shiv.

Mike: Commence shootout.

Pierce: UNC has been all over the place this season. Had Duke done its job last week, I'd feel more confident in them. Instead, they imploded. VPI beats Duke two weeks in a row here.

Eric: A meaningful game between UNC and Duke during football season?  UNC will score a lot, I don't think Duke keeps up.

NCSU (-3.5) @ UMD
Pack: Everyone
Turtles: No one

Kendall: Maryland has a nice little defense... against garbage teams.  If State can control Stefon Diggs, they'll win by three touchdowns or more.

Mike: Back on this bandwagon.

Pierce: Giving UMD points at home? Probably shouldn't bet against that - but NCSU > FSU apparently...I'm so confused.

Eric: No way Maryland belongs on top of the ACC Atlantic.  NCSU stays hot.

BC @ GT (-14.5)
Eagles: No one
Al Groh Sucks: Everyone

Kendall: They've had a bye week to lick wounds and get some shit straightened out.  Ramblin' Wreck on the warpath in this one.

Mike: BC still sucks.

Pierce: I hope UVA isn't the worst team in the ACC.

Eric: Couldn't stop Army's triple option, no way BC can stop GT. 

VT @ Clemson (-8.5)
Redneck Little Brother to the West: Kendall
Gamecocks' Little Brother: Mike, Pierce, Eric

Kendall: I pick the Hokies here because Clemson is due their annual head-scratcher of a loss.

Mike: Could we get a win and a Tech loss in the same week? This half should at least hold up.

Pierce: Clemson is almost as scatterbrained as VT. I like the Tigers at home though to continue their dominance over their fellow little brother school.

Eric: Clemson scored points.  Tech is not the same team from years past.  I think this is a blowout.

FSU (-17) @ Miami
Noles: Kendall, Pierce, Eric
Canes: Mike

Kendall: This is a big spread, but it's a wide gulf between the quality of the Canes and the quality of the Noles.

Mike: Too big for a rivalry game like this.

Pierce: Big spread on the road. I've been betting against FSU to cover and it hasn't been working out for me. FSU rolls.

Eric: FSU is angry about their last loss and come out and make a statement.

South Carolina @ Florida (-3)
Cocks: Mike, Pierce
Gators: Kendall, Eric

Kendall: Florida is going to lose a game at some point... I think... but I just don't see it this week.

Mike: I am still drinking the South Carolina Kool-Aid.

Pierce: Go Cocks.

Eric: Both are great, Florida gets the nod for being at home.

Michigan St @ Michigan (-10)
Sparty: Kendall, Eric
Blue: Mike, Pierce

Kendall: Not buying Michigan quite yet.  I do think they'll win this game, but I also think they'll fail to cover.

Mike: I guess I'll take Michigan in the battle of the B1G disappointments.

Pierce: MSU has been a big disappointment this year so far. Michigan at home will be amped - rolls.

Eric: Michigan is averaging almost 34 per game, but MSU has kept games close.  Michigan will win, but I don't think they cover.

Oregon (-9) @ Arizona St
Ducks: Kendall, Mike, Pierce
Sun Devils: Eric

Kendall: Go Ducks.

Mike: Ducks need a statement to jump back into the BCS. This should work.

Pierce: Oregon rolls. ASU could keep up for 3 quarters, but unfortunately, against Oregon, that means you still lose by 17.

Eric: Gonna be a shootout.  ASU keeps pace at home.

Kansas St @ WVU (-3)
EMAW: Pierce
Hillbillies: Kendall, Mike, Eric

Kendall: I love how West Virginia got exposed by Texas Tech, but this has home bounce-back written all over it.  I do love Optimus Klein, though.

Mike: I can't see K-State keeping up.

Pierce: EMAW. For real. Geno Smith hypapolooza takes another hit.

Eric: Last week WVU got caught looking ahead.  Unfortunately for K-State they were looking forward to this game.


  1. Pierce, thanks for doing this each week. Always a blast.

    Quick point of clarification -- you say six weeks remain, but we're continuing through the conference championships and the bowl games, correct?

  2. Also, my 4-year old son Jeffrey is doing the guest picks next week. I bet he beats all of us.

  3. Yeah I just meant 6 regular season weeks, good catch - we'll definitely do championships and bowls