October 22, 2012

Pop Quiz!

(I don't want to push Mike's most recent post down out of view, so if you haven't seen it yet, make sure you read Let's get "Daboed!")

Anyway, on to the pop quiz...

What do Akron, UAB, Boston College, Idaho, Colorado, FAU, EMU, South Alabama, Tulane, Buffalo, UNLV, New Mexico State, Memphis, Army, and UMass all have in common?

Answer: They are the 15 teams ranked lower than Virginia in today's edition of CBS Sports' College Football Rankings.

That's right, folks.  At 2-6 and boasting losses against #74 Georgia Tech, #64 TCU, #71 Duke, #81 Maryland, and #84 Wake Forest, YOUR University of Virginia Fightin' Cavaliers are ranked by this [mostly] objective website as the #109-ranked team in the nation.  That's out of 124 D-1A teams.

To further wallow in this misery, allow me to list off a few teams currently ranked ahead of us...  ULM, Toledo, Utah State, Western Kentucky, Northern Illinois, San Jose State, Louisiana-Lafayette, Bowling Green, Kent State, Arkansas State, Marshall, Navy, Ball State, Miami (Ohio), North Texas, Air Force, Temple, UT-San Antonio (in their first season of FBS football), Western Michigan, MTSU, Rice, Texas State (in their first season of FBS football), Wyoming, FIU, New Mexico, (1-5) Hawaii, UTEP, Kansas, and Indiana.

That'll clear your sinuses a little bit, huh?

Duke's going to a bowl game, and suddenly we are taking their place as the new Duke.

It's slowly dawning on me.  There was a worst-case type of season for us this year, and that worst-case scenario was 5-7 or maybe 4-8.  We're about to finish 2-10.  At 90% of BCS conference schools, heads would roll after a season like this.

I'm reasonably certain that UVA is in the 10%, where heads won't roll.  But how can you look fans and boosters in the eye as they are shelling out the cash to build a $14.5 million Indoor Practice Facility and pay the head coach $1.8 million per season and tell them that you are doing your level best to put a winning product on the field if you DON'T clean house after a 2-10 season like this one?

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