October 22, 2012

Let's get "Daboed!"

Every heard of this? "Daboed" is a word I have made up for what needs to happen to Mike London in order to save this program. First let's provide a little explanation of what exactly this means.

I think Dabo Swinney is (how do I put this gently?) in need of some improvement as a coach. What Dabo is very good at is recruiting and representing Clemson. Sound familiar? He's Mike London. In fact if the SAT were still in its old shitty format the correct answer to Dabo Swinney:Clemson::_____:Virginia would be Mike London. So why has Dabo succeeded to a level that would make our entire fanbase blush? Well the answer lies with the supporting cast. Swinney is surround by two coaches that have complete control and understanding of their craft -- Brent Venables on defense and Chad Morris on offense. Both men have such a mastery of what they are doing and complete control over their side of the house that all Swinney needs to focus on is managing the game and being the face of the program. Venables ran the Oklahoma defense for 12 years, most of which involved the Sooners being in the top tier of college football, while Chad Morris worked directly with Gus Malzhan to develop an innovative offense that perfectly utilizes the amount of talent Clemson can put on the field. Both men know what they need to do to succeed, and Swinney trusts them to do it.

If Mike London is going to succeed, he needs to find and identify two men to lead each side of the house that he trusts 100% and will provide stability and continuity on the staff. Kendall raised this point on a previous post, but we already have these two men on our staff in my opinion. Jim Reid and Mike Faragalli are these two men. Staff shakeups are a part of life, but those should be reserved for coordinators. If I could design an ideal setup for our staff it would be a great leader and motivator at the top, two knowledgeable and stable coordinators, and a young energetic staff of position coaches and GAs. Moving Faragalli into the OC position gives us this set up. If London grants Reid and Faragalli autonomy to run their respective sides of the house, this will free him up in-game and during the week to do what he is truly best at. While this is sounding like London will have his role massively reduced, it will benefit this program. London needs to build trust and continuity within the staff that directly reports to him. That will absolutely lead to better game management and a better product on the field.

In terms of the staff shakeup this obviously means Bill Lazor will be gone, which means we will be in search of a new quarterbacks coach. If Faragalli wants to run an up-tempo style a perfect target would be Brian Scott at ODU who I have mentioned multiple times on this blog. I think the staff absolutely needs to get him if Lazor leaves.

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