October 25, 2012

Wahooze Pix - Week Nine

Bye week for UVA, but no week off for your heroes at Wahooze. 

Last Week
Mike- 6 (out of 10)
Eric - 5
Kendall - 4
Pierce - 4


Pierce - 43
Mike - 42
Kendall - 40
Guests - 39

Well, instead of separation, things have tightened up. This week's games aren't really notable or interesting, but at least we can always depend on the Coastal division to screw things up somehow each week! Enjoy:

Kendall's introducing this week's guest:

Jeffrey is my 4-year old son, and he is an unmitigated badass.  His hobbies include tee-ball, fingerpainting, swordfighting, rock climbing, eating treats (especially candy), and pretending he is Spider-Man.  I never knew love until I met Jeff.  These picks are all his own, but I slightly edited his commentary for readability.

Jeffrey, with little sister Anna.  Born into unfortunate lives as Wahoos.

Clemson (-13) @ Wake
Tigers: Everyone
Deacs: No one

Kendall: Clemson waterboards the Deacs by 40+.  Book it.

Mike: Wake barely beat us. And we suck. 

Pierce: Clemson handles better teams and Wake shows little ability to move the ball down field. They get their star wideout back this week, but I don't think it'll help much.

Jeffrey:  Because Tigers dig.

Duke @ FSU (-27.5) 
Blue Devils: Mike, Kendall, Pierce
Seminoles: Jeffrey

Kendall:  FSU rolls... but four touchdowns is a lot against a plucky little Duke team.

Mike: That is so many points.

Pierce: Spread's probably too high. Duke should be able to put up at least 14 and don't see FSU bothering to score 40.

Jeffrey:  Because Seminoles poop.

UMD @ BC (-1) 
Turtles: Mike, Kendall, Jeffrey
Jesuits: Pierce

Kendall:  I'm still holding out hope that we're not the worst team in the ACC this season, and the only chance for that is continued losing by BC.

Mike: I don't want to talk about it. Please keep us out of the acc basement

Pierce: Eagles should be looking to prove they are better than UVA.

Jeffrey:  They have hard shells and they know ninja turtle magic.

NCSU @ UNC (-7) 
Pack: Mike, Pierce, Jeffrey
Heels: Kendall

Kendall: I keep saying that Fedora was an inspired hire by Carolina.

Mike: UNC sucks. Kids steal papers from 11 year olds. What a terrible place

Pierce: I think State will win this outright and UNC will find itself at the bottom of the North Carolina standings.

Jeffrey: They woof out and they eat sheep.  (I told him a Tarheel was a sheep.)

BYU @ GT (-2) 
Mormons: Kendall
Al Groh Sucks: Mike, Pierce, Jeffrey

Kendall:  You suck, Paul Johnson (but thanks for unceremoniously shitcanning Al Groh.)

Mike: BYU didn't do the best job against the run last week. Not a good sign for this one.

Pierce: ACC! ACC!

Jeffrey: Because they sting.  And stink.

UF (-6.5) @ UGA 
Gators: Pierce
Dawgs: Mike, Kendall, Jeffrey

Kendall: Got a feeling about the 'Dawgs this week...

Mike: Throw the records out the window

Pierce: Gators destroyed USC. USC beat up on UGA. Transitive property suggests...

Jeffrey: Because bulldogs lick you.

Ohio St @ PSU (-1) 
Urban Meyer is a liar and a cheat: Everyone
Nittany Lions: No one.

Kendall:  Penn State is favored in this game?  Really?  Why?

Mike: Is Sam Ficken still on the team?

Pierce: OSU is getting Braxton Miller back...Vegas apparently knows something we don't.

Jeffrey: Because acorns hit your head when you walk outside.

ND @ OU (-10.5)
Irish: Kendall, Mike, Jeffrey
Sooners: Pierce

Kendall:  I believe in Notre Dame.

Mike: My house is going to be awkward if this gets ugly.

Pierce: That's a lot of points, but OU scores a lot of points. Notre Dame is legit, but this game gets away from them I think.

Jeffrey:  I like Lucky Charms.

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