October 6, 2012

I don't really know what to say...




Season's over.

I hope Phillip Sims' shoulder is okay.  To go back to starting Rocco at this point would be very tough to swallow.  I'd really be okay with burning the redshirt on David Watford, if it comes to it.

We need to find some receivers who can catch, some blockers who can block, and some defenders who can defend.

And oh yeah, a field goal kicker who can kick field goals.  That would be nice.  Ian Frye, your turn to try, because Jarrett is DOA.

Duke's a nice story this season.  Embarrassment to them that they generated, what? 15,000 fans?  This was a big game for them.  Wallace Wade seats 33,941 fans and that place was less than half full, and with a few thousand UVA fans.  At 4-1 and getting close to bowl eligibility, more Duke fans should have been at that game.  Then to show the renderings of the stadium expansion on the broadcast?  Embarrassing.

I hate David Cutcliffe, more and more every time we play these guys.

Duke's staff made some good adjustments at halftime.  Once again, it seemed like the UVA staff failed to make any adjustments at halftime.  The read option killed us in the second half, and we had no answer for it.

I'm willing to write this season off due to the poor quality and attrition in Al Groh's last few recruiting classes, our current group of upperclassmen.  Lots of new coaches experience a dip in year three, because it directly coincides with the last recruiting classes of the coach that preceded them -- and that coach got fired and replaced.  In our case, Al Groh was clearly in lame duck status while trying to recruit those guys.

The above being said, I will tell you this: If this team continues to show zero fight, zero confidence, and zero preparation, I will lose faith in Mike London.  2013 will then be a "show me" season.  I suspect we need to rally for a few (two?) wins down the stretch this season in order to regain some die-hard fan confidence in the coaching staff.  Doesn't it just seem like London is in over his head on the sideline this year?

I'm scared to go to the message boards right now.  I can only imagine what some of those goons are saying right now.

We just got out-toughed by freaking Duke.  Duke!  For a second there, I started to feel halfway jealous.  Of Duke!  Duke Football!  Duke!  Depressing...

Duke has momentum in their program building process.  Virginia suddenly does not.  We have to find a way to spark some enthusiasm.  A win, any win, would be a great place to start.


Go Hoos.

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