November 27, 2011

They Are NO LONGER Scared


How do you deal with annihilation?

If this post comes across as scattered and not cohesive, apologies.  Just a brain vomit.  Nothing but anger, frustration, and disappointment to vent, and this is my only good outlet.  There will be profanity, so if that's not your jam, you might want to skip this post.

First up, an analogy: How do you stop a dog from shitting on the floor?  You rub his nose in it.  We just had our noses rubbed in it yesterday.  Hopefully we won't shit on the floor next time, right?  No but seriously, being drubbed by the Hokies can only help the young guys who played in yesterday's game find the proper motivation to play a little better next time we face the turkey birds.  Hopefully.  We certainly need some sort of an added edge against that team.

Sorry, Coach
At the post game press conference, when Mike London was asked what he makes of the losing streak to VT:
"It is just another game on the total. The team needs to continue to improve and build off this year's progress."

That's the main problem. It's not "just another game" to the Hokies, and we will continue to struggle against them until it means as much to us as it does to them.
Great season, 8-4 is fantastic. No doubting that. But there's also no doubting that it feels a little bit hollow this morning after absorbing a 38-0 beatdown against our biggest rival as we played an away game in our home stadium.

Nice sweater, you old bag.

An Away Game in Our Home Stadium
Seriously, we have some shitty, shitty fans.  Selling or giving your tickets to a Hokie is an act of treason.  The Hoo-Hokie split in the stands was closer to 50-50 than anyone would like to admit.  I tried to do my part to make the Hokies sitting around me feel uncomfortable.  I made sure they all understood that if they shook their keys anywhere in my vicinity they would be snatched away and chucked as far as I could throw them.  But way too many Hokies were there, and they were feeling way too comfortable.  I don't know what the solution to this problem is, other than making it a lot less fun for them to attend this game.  That's my singular mission in 2013.

One Regret
Up five touchdowns as the 4th quarter wound down, VT's starters were still in the game.  David Wilson running sweeps and Logan Mother Fucking Jesus Christ Thomas throwing passes. I wish we had been able to put a helmet on one of Wilson's knees or a shoulder into Thomas' ribs.  Not enough to hurt 'em bad (that's not my style, though I probably thought "break his fucking leg" once or twice in my mind late in the game), but enough to teach Herr Beamer a lesson.  Running up the score won't be tolerated in this game.  Too bad we laid down and tolerated it yesterday.

The Officiating
Of course it was horrendous.  Of course the ACC wanted to see VT in Charlotte next weekend, and not the Hoos.  Of course we got jobbed on several calls and several non-calls.  The bevy of make-up calls when the game was no longer in doubt were meaningless.  The officiating in the Atlantic Coast Conference is an embarrassment to the league.  Bush league mickeymouse bullshit.

Not Rocco's Fault
As we play the blame game, let's avoid firing the laser at Mike Rocco.  He did his best, and made some good throws.  Stepped up in the pocket to avoid the pass rush.  Played pretty well, all things considered.  Don't fail to see the forest for the trees on this one.

They are just the better team.
In fact, there is no need to blame anyone, not even the refs.  We just got our asses kicked because Virginia Tech is the better team.  We needed to play way over our heads to beat them, and we didn't.  They needed to play poorly to give us a chance, and they played well.  I expected the game to be closer than 38-0, but that's how the stars aligned.

8 (EIGHT!?!) Losses in a Row

Today or tomorrow, we'll know our bowl destination.  How to deal with annihilation?  Wallow in it and stew on it for now, but once the bowl game is announced, time to turn the page.  Hiroshima is a thriving city today, we can pull ourselves out of the ashes too.

And do yourself a favor: Don't watch the ACC Championship game.  Go see a movie or something next Saturday night.

(Photo Credit: Eve Russo / Richmond Times Dispatch)

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