November 20, 2011


I had date night with my wife tonight -- first time in about a year and a half.  So I just finished watching the game on DVR.

That was the craziest, nuttiest, most agonizing, insane ending I've ever seen.  I truly feel bad for everyone who couldn't fast forward through those long waits while the refs got their heads out of their asses and checked the video.  Just insanity.  Wahoowa.

But first things first: Bill Schautz -- great game, young man.  Godspeed in your recovery.  Thank you for laying it all on the line tonight and coming through for your team and its fans.

Best pic of Schautz I could find.

Second: ACC officials... pack your shit, you guys are all fucking fired.  I genuinely feel bad for Jimbo Fisher and FSU, who got shafted last week (but still won) and got shafted tonight (but lost).  When you finally started to get some gifts from the zebras, your destiny was sealed in tonight's game.  Good luck against Florida.  I sincerely hope you stomp those punks.

Third: Wow.  Just wow.  President Sullivan, time to bust out that checkbook and stroke a big fat one for Mike London.  Seriously, let's get him paid so he's never even tempted to think about having a wandering eye.

Fourth: Huge win.  8-3.  Best season since 2007, but many of those nine wins were a bit of BS, so I'm saying best season since 2002.

Fifth: First win in Tallahassee.  Third win ever in the state of Florida.  (The second came earlier this season.)

Sixth: We have found our franchise quarterback.  And he's only a sophomore.  22-for-31, 238 yards, 1 TD, 0 INTs.  It's all game management, but Rocco really reminds me of a young Matt Schaub or maybe Mike Groh.  The thing I like the best about him -- he's clutch.  4-for-4 for 65 yards in the game's last two minutes to set up Kevin Parks' touchdown run.


Seventh: Speaking of KP, congratulations to him for breaking the UVA freshman touchdown record.  The kid's already running great, showing a nose for the end zone, and he's just a FRESHMAN.

Eighth: Jim Reid, brilliant game.  Those blitzes were beyond well-timed.  Just a fantastic game from an obviously well-coached and supremely-prepared defense.  Two goal line stands and another red zone stop tonight.  Outstanding.  I officially apologize for anything bad I've said or written about you as you've ushered this defense through the transition from the 3-4 (read: 5-2) to the 4-3.  I was stupid, impatient, and wrong.  Jim Reid, you are the man.

Ninth: Clifton Richardson, that 17-yard 4th quarter run was a glimpse of things to come.  I know it is.  You are a young locomotive.  (And we have the best trio of running backs that I can remember.  Maybe Lundy/Pearman/Weeks was better, but I'd take Richardson over Weeks as the #3.  And Khalek Shepherd is a pretty damn good kick return guy as the #4 RB.)

All aboard.

Tenth: Kudos to Mike, Sparkle, and anyone else who honestly thought we could win this game.  I guess I still have to re-learn how to be optimistic about Virginia Football.

Eleventh: I apologize for this format, where I spell out each number in the list.  Too late to go back and change it.

Twelfth: The receivers. Great game for Kris Burd, who showed a toughness and a real edge going across the middle.  Great game for Tim Smith, whose 34-yard catch in the game-winning drive might have been the play of the game.  Great catches/plays turned in by Paul Freedman, Colter Phillips (whose diving catch was wiped out by a penalty), and Darius Jennings.  Great all-around game for the receivers.

Improving with every game...
and ready to be a #1 go-to guy next year.

Thirteenth: Perry Jones, it was a quiet game... by your standards.  But you were still the engine driving the offense for most of this game, especially catching passes.

Fourteenth: If it wasn't the Tim Smith play, then the play of the game was the touchdown-saving shoestring tackle made by Chase Minnifield.

Fifteenth: We're about to be ranked.  For Thanksgiving.  Wrap your mind around that if you can.  I'm still trying.  #23 Virginia.  I might start crying when I see it.

Sixteenth: I'm now nervous as hell about the Tech game.  A trip to the ACC championship game is on the line.  Huh?  Really?  Wow.  And also, the Hokies are now in the national championship mix.  Somehow.  We have to rise up and squelch that.  We have to.

Great game, great win, Cardiac Cavs, fuck yeah, BEAT TECH, GO HOOS!


  1. The play where Chase ran down the receiver at the one was huge and the sack in the 4th to take them out of field goal range. We came up with huge plays when we needed it. That may have been as big a win as I can remember for UVA. Getting your first win at Doak Walker stadium on national television is going to be huge for us. Bring on Tech

  2. And also objectively speaking I might take jones/parks/richardson over lundy/pearman/weeks. As it stands now massive upgrade at no. 3. Jones is more of a pearman type but faster from what i have seen. And finally lundy wasnt real impressive until later in his career and Parks is doing it as a freshman.

  3. I think I might have had 3 beers during the last 2 minutes of that game. And I was taking my time, too...That shit took forever! Craziest ending I've ever seen. I thought we had won and lost about 5 times before it was actually over.

    Totally agree about the refs. They sucked the whole game. They even looked like they knew they sucked. The mic'd ref's voice was shaking several times as he explained their calls. He was prancing around the field like a wounded zebra all night. I think they finally got shit right on that last drive, even though the calls were going against us.

    That injury to Schautz was nasty....get well soon, bro.

    Minor complaint regarding the special teams: was our punter just having an off night or does he always suck that bad. And you'd think that after those short soccer goalie punts we'd at least be able to cover them...

    What a huge win!

  4. Of course we do not know what will happen. Hokies have an offense.
    But our guys can beat Tech if they play to their ability.
    Just do not sell your tickets to Hokies for crying out loud.