March 19, 2013

The Mountain West Loophole


Jay Bilas Was Wrong About the Committee Going By Who You Lost To, It Was the Bad Teams You Beat That Were the Difference

I have no hurt feelings over the Mountain West.  New Mexico is one of the top five or six best teams in the country this season.  UNLV and Colorado State deserved their bids, for sure.  San Diego State isn't all that great, but I think they earned their way in.  Boise State is bullshit, and maybe they took our spot.  The above article explains why.

Clever plan, MW.

I hope UVA doesn't need to explore loopholes in the future.  I just want us to put together a hyper-aggressive OOC schedule, and I want us to be so good that there's zero doubt about our bid.  Wisconsin.  That's the level we need to get to.

Anyway, interesting read for this fine Tuesday morning.

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