March 7, 2013


Along with Nathan's fantastic analysis in tracking the bubble scene (see his fine work in the comments section of the "Viewing Guide" post), there is THIS amazing piece from Streaking the Lawn.  Click and read that.  Right now.  Drop everything and do it.

Also, stumbled across THIS little beauty.  Seriously, it's a bracket nerd's paradise.  And the fun thing is that Virginia's super-wacky tournament résumé (great wins, horrendous losses, meh RPI, generally passing the eyeball test, but not always) is giving bracketologists everywhere something to talk about.

So tonight... is pretty much a must-win.  My cable is still out as of right now, so I might not even get to watch.  Bodes well for the Hoos, being the giant drippy jinx that I am.

Go Hoos.


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