March 13, 2013



Because I love Championship Week (and hate trees*), I decided to print off the brackets for all 30 conference tournaments and post them on the wall outside my office.  It's become an office-wide "team builder" to meet up every morning and update the brackets and track the results.  HR UPSIDE YO' HEAD!


Special thanks to my friend Jon for the pictures.

*And by the way, here's why I hate trees:


  1. Glad you at least printed black and white and not color.

  2. Don't worry Nathan, Kendall also signs all his emails with "Please think of the environment before printing." He's all about the earth.

  3. If you assume the bubble is about 8 teams every year (4 left in, 4 out), then over the last 6 years there would be 24 bubble teams in (4*6). Their algorithm missed 12 teams over 6 seasons (or two per year on average). If you gave me 8 bubble teams and I randomly picked 4 of them, I'd get 2 on average (just like them), so one skeptical way to look at this method is that it's about 50/50 on bubble teams.

    Basically what I'm suggesting is the fact that it has us as the last team in the "safely in" column doesn't really reassure me at all. We still need to beat NC State.

  4. This is awesome! I think you need to sprinkle in a bracket around HR infractions and who is most likely to get fired as well. For the record, my money is on Vitale (only because Juwhan is no longer at P&T).

    1. I'll have you know I took my infractions and left! Though I would have been at the top, most likely due to my equally egregious waste of paper for the baseball schedule last season.