March 14, 2013

Poor Wake

Wake Forest is a basketball school.  The ACC is a basketball conference.  So it's hard to not feel sorry for Wake's small-yet-rabid fanbase.  Hate the stupid tie-dyes as much as you want, but pity the fans of the Demon Deacons for having to endure the disastrous Jeff Bzdelik coaching tenure and Athletic Director Ron Wellman's ultimate hubris in hiring his buddy and then closing out all criticism.

Don't know what I'm talking about?  Learn all about it, HERE and HERE.  And also HERE.

Look, I don't really give a crap about Wake Forest Basketball.  But I do give a crap about the ACC, as a strong ACC is by far the best home for UVA athletics.  So I want to use my voice - however small - to support Wake's uprising in the "Fire Bzdelik" and "Fire Wellman" movements.

Wake is a basketball school, and deserves a competent basketball coach to lead its program back to solid footing.

The ACC is a basketball conference, and needs a healthy and potent Wake Forest team in order to be the best it can be, and to put the best product possible on television [and computer] screens.


  1. Wake needs a TB style coach. They'll never be able to get a recruit over UNC, NC State, or Duke.

    1. Duke? Maybe once or twice.
      UNC? A few times.
      NC State? We got recruits over them all the time.

      We were #1 in the nation just 4 years ago.

  2. Except they used to do it all the time. Especially out-recruiting NC State.

    But I agree with your premise -- they need a solid system coach. Or just a solid coach, in general. Bzdelik is a joke, and his presence on an ACC sideline reflects poorly on the conference as a whole.

    Now is the time for all ACC schools to be circling the wagons and striving to put the best product on the court (and field) they possibly can.

  3. @Mike - Wake went head to head with UNC and State and won over multiple recruits from NC during the Skip Prosser years. Chris Paul, Eric Williams, etc. Duke recruits differently than those schools anyway.

  4. Give the man a lifetime extension!

    -Signed fans of UNC, Duke, NC State.

  5. I agree with everyone that Mike is dumb

  6. Love you too buddy!

    I think just based on the fact that they make their players go to class puts them at a disadvantage at least to NC State and UNC. Duke is just Duke.

    Didn't mean to take a shot at you guys. I just think you guys are closer to us than you are to a one and done factory, and that TB is awesome.